The Role of the Sideboard in Interior Design

The sideboard is a piece of furniture that has a lot of influence in interior design due to its appearance, size, layout and adaptability. This is why it's a great way to enhance your decor.
The Role of the Sideboard in Interior Design

Last update: 26 February, 2021

In interior design, furniture such as dining tables, sofas, armchairs, chairs, bedside tables, etc. is pretty universal and conventional. But how much do you know about the role of sideboards in interior design?

The decoration process naturally tends to focus on those components that serve a purpose and that contribute to creating an overall image that pleases the designer. They’re a way of defining our particular style.

It’s important to keep in mind that the fundamental goal is comfort. You should never include something simply because it’s fashionable when, in reality, you’re not going to make the most of it or maybe you don’t even like it much. You should be consistent and include only elements that you really want to.

What is a sideboard?

A white sideboard interior design in a bedroom.

This piece of furniture has been common in homes since the 20th century, especially in the ’60s and ’70s. The basic shape consists of a long rectangular structure that’s not too high and adaptable to any space.

Sideboards are generally made of wood. They can be finished in different ways; they can be painted or decorated with carved or silk-screened images. It’s also possible to find sideboards with glass doors so you can see what’s stored inside.

They can be used as a closet and a chest of drawers; however, they differ from both of these in terms of height and width. They can have drawers or other compartments with doors. Their basic function is to help with organization and tidiness.

A piece of furniture that’s both original and traditional

The most interesting designs currently on the market

To talk about some of the more popular designs on the market, first, we need to take a look at what all sideboards have in common. Basically, although they might not be identical their essence is the same. Let’s look at some examples:

  • The most popular are the naturally colored wooden designs with drawers and open shelves. They’re functional and fit well in minimalist, avant-garde, contemporary, or urban style interiors.
  • Another example is the rustic sideboards that bring to mind more old-fashioned and traditional home decor. Their surface might look worn and deteriorated. They’re similar to the previous type but with a different look.
  • As for sideboards of different colors, they can be painted in various shades, or can even be covered with wallpaper. This can create a dynamic and aesthetically attractive feel.
  • Sideboards with glass panels show their contents, which gives a sense of openness. The idea is to offer transparency; the interior openings should be decorated so that they in turn fit into a larger overall decorative style.
  • Another example is black sideboards. They’re much more serious and are mostly found in offices, studies, and bedrooms.

Sideboards in interior design: where to put them

A wood sideboard with mirror.

The function of the sideboard varies from home to home. For example, they can be very striking in the living room, where they’re often used as a TV cabinet. Used in this way they are more prominent and dominate the space they occupy.

In the bedroom, they have a different use, where they complement the rest of the furnishings and should go with the bed. Never forget that the bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom and everything else must be in tune with it.

So how can a sideboard contribute to a bedroom? Obviously, they’re used to organize clothes and to store objects such as jewelry and other accessories. We’re talking about a piece of furniture that has a lot of influence on the decorative style and offers a vintage touch.

An original design to add energy to your home

It’s important not to forget that furniture should be in tune with a common aesthetic, that it must add to the overall ambiance of a home. In this sense, the role of sideboards in interior design is the same as that of the rest of the furnishings. However, the sideboard’s unique attraction lies in its design and appearance.

The design, the colors, and the treatment of the wood help create a unique atmosphere and environment. To sum up, this piece of furniture that has a lot to add to interior design. You just have to choose the right one for your style.

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