The Maroon and Gray Color Combination in Home Decoration

Colors play a fundamental role in home decoration. The right color combination, like maroon and gray, can help you achieve a vibrant atmosphere in your home.
The Maroon and Gray Color Combination in Home Decoration

Last update: 25 March, 2021

You normally decorate your home using various shades. This creates a vibrant atmosphere with plenty of variety. In this article, we’re going to explore the maroon and gray color combination. These two colors compliment each other when applied correctly in home decoration.

The objective is to achieve a high degree of personal satisfaction. That goal can be attained as long as your home decor is adapted to your needs and personal tastes. Therefore, we stress the importance of establishing an acceptable appearance.

Believe it or not, colors play a fundamental role. However, you must apply them strategically versus randomly. The colors must enhance each other and adapt to the particular space.

Particularities of maroon and gray

Maroon and gray complement each other very well.

If you take a closer look at these two colors, you may have an interesting opinion on how well they mix. If you tend to opt for warm and vibrant colors, they’re not the best choice. In fact, they are in the opposite category.

Neither color is intense nor bright. As a matter of fact, quite the opposite. Maroon tends to be dark and warm, while gray is undefined and neutral.

Individually, these two colors represent simplicity. On the other hand, combining them creates more options to achieve a beautiful and original interior design.

Maroon and gray form a winning color combination in home decor.

How to use these two colors in the interior of the home

When using these two colors for the interior, here are some great ideas to consider:

  • Contrast a gray sofa with maroon cushions, so that the maroon stands out. You can also use a maroon sofa and gray cushions to give the furniture more elegance.
  • Armchairs on gray rugs create an environment with a classic style. This is better than a maroon carpet, which would darken the room too much.
  • In the kitchen, install gray granite countertops with everything else in maroon. Make the kitchen floors white to enhance the appearance of the two colors.
  • For the bedroom, the bedspread can be combined with a maroon and gray set, either through patterns, lines, or shapes. You can also choose to make one the dominant color and the other one a secondary color for curtains, cushions, etc.

Maroon and gray on the walls

Maroon is the best color for your walls.

How can you use maroon and gray on the walls? Well, for starters, maroon is the best color for the walls. Also, it goes well with wooden floors. You can achieve contrast through curtains and gray furniture to brighten the room.

If you prefer gray walls, then use maroon to highlight other areas of the room.

Give your house more personality by combining two colors.

Curtains – the key decorative element

Curtains are the most determining element for any space. For this reason, choose colors that you not only like, but colors that maintain harmony. If you choose maroon, limit the amount of light that shines through so it won’t darken the atmosphere.

In short, any of the aforementioned ideas combining these two colors will help you achieve the desired look for your home.

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