The Kinfolk Style and Going Back to Our Roots

The kinfolk style goes back to the simple things in life - rustic and handcrafted work. It uses materials with soul and warm colors. Have you heard of it?
The Kinfolk Style and Going Back to Our Roots

Last update: 11 October, 2020

It’s paradoxical that in the middle of a technological revolution, we’re looking for more simple homes to live in, with natural materials that bring us that sense of warmth that feels so cozy. The kinfolk style is the best representation of this and it’s a fierce competitor of the Nordic style.

In this article, let’s discuss where it comes from and how you can apply this new style to your home decor.

The kinfolk style uses natural fibers, like this leather couch.

Where does the kinfolk style come from?

This decor trend invites you to go back to your roots and to enjoy the simple things in life. It first started in the United States and it takes a lot of inspiration from the Amish community, who focus on what nature can give them and peaceful country life.

This style also feels close to the French countryside, and it appreciates the way Italians enjoy earthly pleasures and how colorful the Greek islands are. It strives to be local, to enjoy where you are and what that place can give you.

This kind of life is so successful that there’s a magazine dedicated to the benefits of living like this. It gives cookery courses based on ancestral recipes and local and organic produce. It promotes living in harmony within your community, and how satisfying is to live peacefully.

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The basic elements of the kinfolk style

When it comes to home decor, the kinfolk style mixes vintage designs with a rustic setting and has a strong trend towards Nordic and industrial design. It brings together colors, designs, and materials in a minimalist style, with those bohemian touches we love so much.

The materials

As it tries to find the essence of things, it’s based on rustic and simple materials. This style loves vintage furniture and natural fibers. Regarding wood, the raw look comes close to its essence and looks amazing when paired with stone. With textiles, choose linen and cotton, to give a cozy look to every nook around your home.

Handcrafted work

On the other hand, the kinfolk style features a lot of DIY at home, turning your rooms into unique places. It suggests matching furniture and industrial details with handcrafted work and recycled objects.

The colors used in kinfolk style

Walls are usually completely white, creating a big and light space. The rest of the decor uses a chromatic palette of beige, gray, green, and brown.

An exotic flavor

To tie everything together and make it look as authentic and natural as possible, use ethnic fabrics and souvenirs. If everything looks handcrafted, you’ve got it! This is a good way to add a more dynamic touch to the simplicity of the kinfolk style.

The kinfolk style brings nature to your home decor.


It’s easier to connect to nature if you have plants. You need to create a green corner at home. Remember to add those crafty touches, making it look unique and simple. Use clay pots, hanging pots made with macrame or recycled glass bottles.

The kinfolk style is on its way to becoming a beloved home decor style. It’s a reference to the Nordic and industrial styles, adding a more authentic and natural feeling to them.