The Freshness of Apple Green in Decorating

Apple green is a fresh and different way of decorating interiors, providing a distinguished, modern and alternative character. Without a doubt, it's a great color.
The Freshness of Apple Green in Decorating

Last update: 02 October, 2020

Apple green transmits a sense of freshness. All colors transmit sensations. Some help us relax, others stimulate us, while others produce coldness, and others generate a relaxed atmosphere.

Your home should be a comfortable space and not a place where you feel oppressed and uneasy. For this reason, you ought to think about some captivating color ideas.

Often, people doubt what color to paint the interior walls. If your house is located in a bright and warm area where it experiences high temperatures, it’d be smart to highlight the shades and colors in the rooms.

Fresh apple green on the walls

A fresh looking living room.

Before painting a room with a color that won’t add to anything in particular, you should know what apple green looks like, how it can participate in the interior aesthetic, and what sensations it can provide.

On one hand, it helps generate a sensation that’s completely dynamic, fresh, and active. It stimulates the senses and enriches the sensation of freshness in the air. It’s a great color for the summer, to break with more traditional trends.

Another peculiarity is its great relationship with the goal. Both help generates lightness, in the same way as if we combined it with some warm earthy tones like orange or yellow. As such, a much more distinguished character is achieved.

A way to lift your spirits and make you feel.

Applying apple green to the decor

A living room with fresh apple green touches.

If you don’t want too much of this color, you can use and arrange it with some specific items, turning them into exclusive pieces that, without a doubt, will attract everyone’s attention. So, let’s look at 4 ideas where you can use it:

  1. Sofa cushions are great. The chromatic contribution they’ll make will make things pop. Also, they’ll stand out more if the sofa has a neutral tone and, in turn, can be combined with other warm or dark-colored cushions.
  2. Vases on shelves and pots can be grouped as more attractive pieces. They’ll stand out more thanks to this color and will reflect a sense of alternativeness, which will give them a greater role in the decor.
  3. Carpets are another recurrent trend. In the bedroom, the living room, or even in the shower, they can be good pieces to enrich the interior aesthetics. In this way, apple green contrasts well with dark floors.
  4. As for the curtains, those that are thin and translucent create a greater sense of freshness. They look good in children’s rooms. So, if you’re going to use them in this color, it’s recommended the walls are in another color to create contrast.

How do I incorporate apple green into my furniture?

A green sofa with a green wall behind it.

While thinking about the application of apple green in your decor, you can’t forget about the furniture. There are countless different possibilities to learn about.

Apple green can be unique when you find it in the living room. However, there are wardrobes and bathroom sinks that go perfectly with this color. In the same way, dining room chairs contrasted with a table create a distinguished feeling.

One of the rooms where this color can work best is in the kitchen. You’ll create a happy, lush, and natural feeling atmosphere. Also, it transforms the room and completely refreshes the ambiance.

It’s time to change and look for an alternative in your decor.

Fresh apple green colored tiles

A bathroom with some apple green highlights.

If you combine this refreshing color with ceramic tiles, you’ll get a unique result for the bathroom, kitchen, or any other room where you want to radically change the walls.

The nature of this color reminds us of an apple, which is a sweet, pleasant, and tasty fruit. The atmosphere will completely flood with the perception you have of this food when you eat it. Hence, the psychological sensation of satisfaction.


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