The Chairs You Need For Your Dining Room

Discover different styles of dining room chairs that you'll fall in love with. If you want to give your home a new look, read on!
The Chairs You Need For Your Dining Room

Last update: 20 November, 2020

We love checking out the newest pieces from furniture and accessory stores. This time, we’re looking at dining chairs. This is a great way to give your dining room a new look!

Have you realized that chairs are a great way to completely change the look and feel of a room? Take a look at our selection and mix and match or pick a new set!

How to choose dining chairs

Finding the perfect dining chairs can change the feel of your room.

Although at first glance this might seem like an easy task, the truth is that you need to take several things into account. On the one hand, your dining chairs need to match aesthetically with the rest of your decoration. However, it’s also important that they’re comfortable.

To make sure it passes the comfort test, sit on the chair for a minute and pay attention to the backrest, the lumbar support, and the seat. Does it all feel good? If so, then that might be the perfect chair for you!

The ideal measurements for dining chairs

  • The seat: this should be about 18 inches high so that it’s in proportion with the dining table and the legs create a right angle. In terms of width, we recommend 18 inches wide with a depth of approximately 20 inches.
  • Backrest: to be comfortable, we recommend that you find a backrest that is between 30 to 40 inches high. Avoid any chairs that are taller than 45 inches as these limit mobility.

In recent years, the mix and match trend has become popular in many homes. This idea, which began in only the most avant-garde restaurants, is also a great idea to give your dining room lots of style.

You can combine several types of chairs, such as the Eames and Tolix. On the other hand, you can also choose one model and use different finishes, upholstery, or colors for a unique look!

Another cool trend we’ve seen on Instagram is to make the chairs at the heads of the table stand out from the rest. For example, a chair with armrests or one in an armchair style are good options. However, you need a spacious dining room so it doesn’t look too cramped.

The most beautiful chairs of the season

Dining chairs impact the look of the whole room.

Now it’s time to shop! We’re always tracking the newest items and we’ve come across the coolest chairs on the market. Are you ready to find your favorite?

For lovers of all things natural

Of course, we can’t talk about furniture without mentioning IKEA. There are several very cool dining chairs, including NILSOVE with armrests. It’s made of rattan and bamboo hand-woven by skilled craftsmen.

The structure is made of light metal and includes a comfortable cushion so you can spend as much time at the table as you want! It’s a great option for dining rooms with white and wood and it’s affordable, with each chair costing $89.

You can’t go wrong with a classic

Another option from IKEA is the RÖNNINGE model, which is made of wood and has a rounded seat for greater comfort. You can find it in green, birch, and black. Its design is inspired by the aesthetics of the ’50s and ’60s. It’s also a great option to combine different colors with each chair costing $89.

Dining chairs everyone wants

If you’re a fan of chairs that have a well-known name, you’ll be familiar with the legendary Eames chair and the numerous variations on the market.

These come from Sklum and are called Brish Scand Chairs. They come in every color imaginable and are only £22.27 each.

A blue seat at a table.

For a more traditional look

If you’re going for a sophisticated dining room, these upholstered chairs might fit the bill. In fact, the one featured above is from Kave Home and combines velvet with a black, metallic structure, which gives a chic air to the classic style. You can find them in several colors, but we love the turquoise blue!

As you’ve seen, choosing chairs for your dining room requires a little patience, and measuring the space well. Remember, don’t get too focused on just the look!

Comfort and design should go hand in hand so make sure to sit on a few different chairs and calmly assess your choices before making a decision!