The Best Interior Design Apps for Your Needs

New technologies have brought interior design apps which allow you to plan your own designs. These intuitive tools simplify the creative process and make it enjoyable for everyone, no matter what design experience you have.
The Best Interior Design Apps for Your Needs

Last update: 23 June, 2020

Planning space is no easy task. However, there are a few good interior design apps that can greatly help with the whole creative process. This is because, as you know, it requires a lot of effort and dedication. Currently, many apps can make the design process a lot easier.

Until a few years ago, interior designers used software to decorate or visualize a space. Today, thanks to new technology, you can have a design app on your smartphone or tablet.

Needless to say, this has revolutionized the way of designing and decorating, making tasks a little easier. But above all, they allow anyone to have a better understanding of what it means to work as an interior designer.

Apps certainly make life easier for us and anyone who needs help renovating their home can use them. For instance, they can visualize the distribution of space or see how a certain color would look on a wall.

There’s a wide variety of apps you can create your own design with, from plans to 3D views. There are also others with a wide collection of photo galleries from which to draw inspiration.

Below is a small selection of applications that’ll facilitate your interior design project process. You’re about to learn about some of the best tools to achieve a spectacular result right from your cellphone.

Home Design 3D

A floor layout.

Home Design 3D is an application that allows us to carry out interior design projects from a tablet or smartphone. This tool combines intuitive use with a wide variety of advanced functions.

It gives you the option to start with the layout process and then proceed to the 3D model. Also, it incorporates a new 3D engine that’ll allow you to perfectly visualize the design and make presentations to clients.

It also has a day-night cycle that’ll allow you to see the changes in natural lighting throughout the day. With Home Design 3D you’ll enjoy impressive and realistic HD design.

The free versions of apps, in general, offer their full potential for the design of plans and 3D views. However, most won’t allow you to save or export projects. To have these features, you have to use the full version and of course, you must pay a fee to use them.

The best interior design apps – Planner 5D

A screenshot from an interior design app.

Planner 5D is a very practical online application and can be used by anyone. With this tool, you can easily create interior design and decoration project plans.

This application is simple to use and doesn’t require any special skills. From the very beginning, you can use this app to draw in 2D and 3D.

It has a wide range of tools to visualize changes, plan repairs, change the design of the rooms, etc. Also, you can add a variety of elements from the application’s image galleries: rooms, doors, furniture, and accessories.



A screenshot of Magicplan.

MagicPlan is an application with many design options. Through a photograph, you can create rooms simply, and in just a few minutes. You have the option of manually drawing the plan with the drawing tools it offers.

This application is free to access for personal use. But its drawback is you can only export the plans in pdf and jpg format, or publish them with watermarks.

You have the option of acquiring it for professional use, which you have to pay for. With this, you can unlock everything and export them free of watermarks, so you can use them for public and commercial use.

Pantone Studio

Various screenshots of the Pantone app.

Pantone Studio is a free app that’s very useful if you want to change the color of your rooms. It allows you to extract Pantone colors from images and the phone’s camera.

Also, you can mix and test color combinations on images, interiors, and 3D material before applying them. This tool is a great help for designers since it captures real colors through a photograph.

Additionally, it serves as a Pantone guide because it has all its color references in RGB, CMYK, and hexadecimal versions. You can also find inspiring content, such as Pantone trends, the color of the year, and libraries with more than 10,000 colors.

The best interior design apps – Pinterest

A screenshot or Pinterest, one of the best interior design apps.

Pinterest is perhaps the largest visual social network in the world. On it, you can share images, videos, infographics, and all kinds of visual content.

Also, users of this social network who have a project can use it as an “idea box.” Pinterest is the perfect tool to find decor inspiration.

You probably already know and have used this app countless times to look for specific fashion or decorative trends. The interior and the home theme is the second most viewed of all Pinterest, surpassed only by food and drinks.

All of the above applications can make your life easier when you’re ready to revamp your home or do a simple decoration project. With these tools, you’ll be able to visualize the world of decoration. Don’t forget, though, you must ideally consult a design professional for those challenging projects.