The Best Decorated Movies in the History of Cinema

Take a tour of some of the most popular and renowned movies. Discover their incredible decor styles and draw inspiration for your home.
The Best Decorated Movies in the History of Cinema

Last update: 07 April, 2022

Sometimes, movies make you reflect. Other times, they provoke strong emotions that lead to laughter, tears, or even terror. Whatever genre you prefer, we invite you to take a tour of the best-decorated movies in history. Will any of your favorites be among them?

Movies inspire humanity. Through this art, many prolific minds channel their energy into creating masterpieces for the big screen. Behind those classics, there’s some beautiful decor, designer furniture, decorative styles, and color palettes worthy of imitation. Let’s delve a little deeper. Ready? Lights, cameras, action!

The best-decorated movies in history

Regardless of the era or whether the movie is set in a house, a château, or an apartment, decor plays an important role in cinema. Through furniture and the color palette, it’s possible to convey feelings, the personality of the characters, and even a very unique style.

There are film directors who are true experts in managing color and decor. Moreover, they use them as essential elements that help them to tell their story. This is also the case with Wes Anderson.

Keep reading to take a tour of some of the most popular all-time movies. Get ready to review the beauty of their sets.

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The seventh film by the Spanish film director, Pedro Almodóvar was the first film he ever made on a set that he expressly built, with elements that gave meaning to his particular style.

The attic set demonstrates the director’s passion for Madrid. From there you can see Retiro Park, Gran Vía and the Metropolis buildings.

There are also deck chairs, beach balls and hundreds of plants, among which the geranium pots in honor of the La Mancha patios stand out. Inside, the red color captures the audiences’ attention and you can see a Wassily de Breuer chair and a Tolomeo lamp.


Understanding color in Amélie.

Amélie Poulain made an entire generation sigh with a love story. The story unfolds in an apartment in the Parisian district of Montmartre. The vintage and almost naive aesthetic that surrounded the protagonist has been analyzed in detail on numerous occasions.

The Art Deco living room with furniture fresh from the best of the deco markets introduces touches of velvet on the sofa and lampshade. Similarly, we can see decor contrasts with the beaded curtain and other kitsch details.

The bedroom is another of the most fascinating places with its brick-red wallpaper and wrought-iron bed. In addition to the peculiar table lamp in the shape of a pig, the headboard is decorated with two paintings by the artist Michael Sowa. He’s an illustrator and surrealist painter who uses his work to highlight the personality of the Frenchwoman.


A porcelain tableware set.

Another popular movie that grabbed the attention of the world was James Cameron’s staging of the sinking of the Titanic. On April 15, 1912, the largest and most luxurious ocean liner at that time collapsed and a most cinematic tragedy ensued.

The decor corresponds to the early twentieth century and is full of glamorous and luxurious details. In the movie, all the details were carefully replicated, such as the white wood paneling, the built-in fireplaces, and the dramatic spiral staircases that led to the living and dining rooms.

Equally, set designers paid attention to the carpets, dinner sets, and tableware. The tableware in particular consisted of pieces associated with luxury and the wealthy classes of that time. Cabin sets were inspired by the Palace of Versailles and the Gregorian style mahogany is the protagonist along with the bronze chandeliers and mirrors.

The best-decorated movies

We’ve presented just three of the best decorated movies in history. Each one has a very particular style, but all of them are recognizable for their aesthetics.

As such, we hope you enjoyed discovering the hidden decor behind some of the most iconic movies of all time!