The Aztec Style and Its New World Charm

The Aztec style brings a touch of Indigenous culture into your home. It will recharge the atmosphere with naturalness, freshness, and warmth.
The Aztec Style and Its New World Charm

Last update: 03 October, 2020

The Aztec style is mysterious to most people, so here we’ll explore it more in depth. It’s a home decoration that should be personal and distinguished. Therefore, if your goal is to create a comfortable space that emits a pleasant calmness, this is a style worth considering.

The majority of the time people tend to repeat traditional aesthetic models. So, what’s the use of copying something if you can innovate? In addition, the goal is to use techniques that open new horizons that give the home a different feel.

Decorators are using historic elements from different cultures nowadays more and more. Centuries ago, people used all kinds of items and patterns to decorate houses. Some indigenous societies are sources of inspiration.

Interior design in ancestral cultures

A shelf with some Aztec style prints.

Interior design isn’t a profession that was created in modern times. There’s evidence of the use of different objects and paints that were used to decorate living spaces ever since prehistoric times. It’s a question of personal aesthetics.

Interior design has always been very important in people’s lives. If you take a look at history you can find models that can be used to work with and make new products. It’s about a combination of information with artistic foundation.

The Aztec culture is a faithful representation of all this. The Aztecs were advanced in different fields and, they expansively developed their art. So today, we can look at their culture to try to make different and unique designs.

Cultures of the past have much to offer.

Five principles of the Aztec style

Some geometric patterned pillows.

When applying this style in your home, you must follow a series of fundamental principles. It’s not a question of doing things randomly, and you must aesthetically and fine-tune them all. Let’s look at these 5 principles:

  1. In the living room or the bedroom, you can use blankets or hanging cloths with geometric and linear patterns. You want to showcase the artisan work of the Aztecs, and, of course, to stage the space chromatically with warmer tones.
  2. Masks, sculptures, figures, and wooden vases representative of this culture are a good addition. They’re a reminder of the artistic works the Aztecs made to honor certain gods.
  3. As for the carpets, they’re one of the most captivating items. They cover large surfaces and also have linear patterns that give off a really attractive visual effect. In this case, their coziness will emit a warm feeling.
  4. Wooden and wrought iron furniture are very popular. When this furniture is made by hand it gives a natural feel.
  5. You mustn’t forget other components that pay homage to the Aztecs – decals. There are some with figurative representations and others with symbols typical of this culture.

Create a different atmosphere with the Aztec style

A geometric patterned frame with some plants.

The Aztec style is characterized by reflecting its differences with European design, but how can you smoothly combine them? First of all, the colors you use should be warm: oranges, reds, yellows, ochers, beige, etc. The main source of inspiration is Mother Earth.

However, the application of other cool and white tones can be a good choice, as long as you don’t overuse them. Ivory, cream, off white, and colors that warm and purify are great for the walls.

As for the floors, wood’s your best choice. In general, it goes well with everything and contrasts with the rest of the colors, producing a pleasant, placid, and homely atmosphere.

Include green plants

Some nice purple flowers.

The contribution of green is fundamental in the Aztec style. Without a doubt, plants are a basic pillar to oxygenate environments and refresh the atmosphere. However, in this case, you can resort to rare and tropical species native from Mexico, the ancestral home of the Aztecs.

These include orchids, Monstera deliciosa (Swiss cheese plant), the Kentia palm, aloe vera, the snake plant, a mango or banana tree, etc. Your aim is to complement your interiors with nature and to enforce the idea of being in another land.


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