Sunflowers: Everything you Need to Know

Sunflowers are beautiful, bright, and highly desired. Discover some curious facts about them, their most important characteristics, and basic tips on how to grow them.
Sunflowers: Everything you Need to Know

Last update: 16 April, 2022

Over the years, sunflowers have become a popular flower to grow in the garden, for decorating homes, and for use in different arrangements. Its color is very striking and, without a doubt, its vibrant flowers add warmth and color to any room.

A curious fact about the word sunflower is its origin. Scientifically, it’s called Helianthus annuus and comes from the Greek word helios meaning sun, and Anthus meaning flower. Originally from the American continent, the sunflower is widely known for its benefits and its seed.

Let’s talk about sunflowers

The main characteristic of sunflowers is that they resemble the sun due to the arrangement of their petals. These end in a point and have a characteristic yellow color. You can also find various sizes of sunflowers to grow in large gardens or to display in small vases. There’s one that, without a doubt, will adapt to your spaces.

We all think that sunflowers are yellow. However, did you know that they’re in other colors too? Although it’s not very common, we can find them in red, purple, pink or white. This depends on the location and climate of the different countries where they’re grown.

The rounded brown center you see on sunflowers is actually thousands of individual little flowers coming together, which can contain up to 2,000 seeds.


The plant that follows the sun

As we already know, sunflowers represent the sun. But beyond the name and color, these flowers are characterized by the fact that they follow the sun’s rays every morning. They have the ability to move their stem, their leaves, and their flowers towards the sun, although their movement is more predominant when they’re young.

Meaning of sunflowers

Sunflowers have acquired various meanings over time. It’s believed that they symbolize happiness, vitality, and good energy and that they enhance positivity in people. It’s a plant well known for its autonomy, its elegance, and for radiating light.

Learn how to grow sunflowers

Sunflowers need an adequate cultivation and care process so that they can bloom into large plants with a thick stem and resist any external elements that could damage the soil. Below, we’ll give you some tips for growing them:


Sunflowers need a lot of sunlight in order to bloom. So, when you plant them, make sure they’ll be in a place that’s exposed to sunlight. You can grow them in large areas of your garden or in extensive outdoor crops. Make sure you protect the crop from rain and frost.


Sunflowers have deep roots and as such, they prefer areas where their stem can grow. Equally, they prefer soil that’s previously been prepared with nutrients to promote their growth. As such, it’s recommendable to buy substrates in fertilizer stores. The soil must be fertile and must have good drainage so that the water doesn’t rot or drown the root.

How often should you water them?

Sunflowers need a moderate amount of water, but keep it constant. It can be every two or three days or when the substrate becomes dry. If you have the sunflower in a pot or vase, change the water every three days.


Other uses ways you can use sunflowers

Apart from the beautiful arrangements that you can create with sunflowers, these flowers are also used in gastronomy.

Sunflower seeds are used to replace some proteins such as meat. Equally, the seeds are also used to make alternative and healthier cooking oils for human consumption. Wine can be made from its petals.

Use in cattle

The flowers are often fed to cattle. After going through the processes to produce oil, it can be consumed by cows or horses.

Do you love sunflowers even more?

Sunflowers are beautiful and evoke positive feelings. Why not grow them in your garden and then prune them to make beautiful flower arrangements for your home?