Suggestions for Choosing the Location of your Home

Quality of life, rest and well being should be your priority. Daily comfort is very important when choosing a location for your home.
Suggestions for Choosing the Location of your Home

Last update: 17 January, 2019

Are you thinking of moving? Not sure what the best area for your future home might be? Perhaps you should move to a central suburb of a big city, or what about a peaceful outer zone? Here you can find some suggestions to take into account when choosing the location of your home.

Whether you want to live in the middle of the city, or out in the suburbs, either option has certain advantages and disadvantages. However, you might have certain requirements that make you go with one option or the other.

You should also take into account other important aspects when choosing a new home, such as the direction that the house faces. In one way or another, it’s important that you make a wise decision, thinking about all the factors that can affect your daily life.

Life in the city center

It’s certainly true that the majority of people like to have everything close at hand. Such things as shops, leisure activities, health centers, and administrative services, etc. It’s not up for argument; we all love to have comfort and convenience practically on our doorstep.

Residing in the middle of a city means that all of those daily resources you need will be very close. Of course, it’s not a question of choosing a house just anywhere.

Before choosing a location for your home, you should try to find out what the environment is like where you want your new house to be. Obviously, you should take into account how close these following resources that you’ll need frequently are to the location you’re considering:

  • Supermarkets
  • Educational centers such as schools or colleges
  • Leisure activities and things to do in your free time
  • Shopping malls
  • Consumer stores: bakery, delicatessen, fish shop, fruit and vegetable store, etc.

What should you consider as negative factors to avoid if you want to live close to the city center? Each person may have a different life style. Therefore, generally the following suggestions are applicable to society:

  • Avoid noisy places and where there is always some racket
  • Streets or squares where there are several popular bars
  • Tourist zones
  • Buildings where many students live
  • Streets that always have traffic
  • Areas that are contaminated with a lot of pollution or smoke

Country life

Choosing a location for your home in the country could be excellent for a more relaxed pace of life

What kind of dwellings could you find outside the city? Housing developments or estates, rural farms, and individual villas or cottages.

Normally this type of environment is relaxed, tranquil and favorable for family life since it guarantees a certain peace that’s foreign to the stressful pace of the city, but at the same time without being too far away.

Different types of homes you can find in these areas could be housing developments of individual or separate houses, duplex houses, and apartments. In fact, you can find all of these types of homes in housing developments that include shared areas such as pools and parks for the kids.

What are the factors that might influence your life style if you choose to live outside the city? Firstly, let’s look at the positive aspects:

  • Tranquility
  • No pollution
  • The absence of noise
  • Close to nature
  • Better security and quality of life
  • Space to have a garden

What about the negative aspects of living outside the city? What should you take into account when choosing the location of your home?

  • Can be far away from schools, hospitals and administrative services such as banks
  • Lacking in a social or cultural scene, which might oblige you to head into the city
  • The absence of big commercial zones
  • Shortage of shops
  • Dependence on a car

Once you’ve thought about all the factors you need to take into account when choosing the location of your home, you should analyze your life style. Think about what would be more convenient and what you can do without.

Direction of the house

A house facing the right direction can allow you to save energy and take advantage of natural light. This certainly has a bearing when choosing the location of your house. So with that in mind, get to know what the best direction would be for your new house to face towards.

If your house is facing north, it’s possible that it will be cold all year round. You may have to use some kind of heating for more time than if the house were facing south. This will add considerably to your power bill.

What’s the best option? A house facing southeast, since this will offer you a better indoor climate, natural lighting from first thing in the morning and air for ventilation.

Choosing a location for your home that faces southeast is important to take advantage of natural lighting and air flow

Useful suggestions for choosing the location of your home

You don’t just have two options, of either living in the middle of the city or way outside in the country. You could also choose a location somewhere between the two extremes. This might be a dwelling that’s situated away from the negative factors of both of those locations.

It’s essential to reside in a place where you have the majority of positive aspects. Before you consider anything else, it’s advisable to discount any locations where there’s air, light or noise pollution. Health should be above all.

What if you have a family with small children? Life outside a big city can be a positive influence, however, you have to take into account the fact that they will grow, and in the future will want to go out on their own. That will, of course, make you need a car at your disposal.


Choosing the right location for your home can give you quality of life. Your daily life and routine can be negatively affected if the location of your house is against you. That’s why you should take into account all the influencing factors that you’ve read here, and decide what is best for you and your family.