Successfully Pulling Off Monochrome Decor

We love monochrome rooms but we know they're tricky to pull off. Today, read our tips on making it work.
Successfully Pulling Off Monochrome Decor

Last update: 27 November, 2019

Using just one color for interior design sounds crazy; and it might seem simple, too, but it’s far from it. Monochrome is a risky decor idea. But when done right, it can evoke peace. You just need to follow some basic rules to avoid a boring or flat result.

If you want to try monochrome decor, we have the tips you need. Surprise your guests with amazing home decor and enjoy your favorite color.

Key points for monochrome decor

Play with the shades

monochrome sky blue

Aside from a trained eye to see subtle differences, you need to squint your eyes to make out all the different shades that one single color can offer.

Mix and match dark and light shades while adding neutral colors in your accessory pieces. Wood is a safe base that will match with everything. Natural wood can also help lighten up your darker shades.

Rich texture details

monochrome textures

There’s nothing better than texture to enrich a setting, especially if it’s monochrome. Textures help create a different feel to a one-color palette.

Smooth, shiny textures contrast perfectly with rugged, opaque ones. Use metals, ceramics, and fabrics together to create different light effects. But make sure to take your time to choose the right materials for your home’s decor style.

Monochrome decor for dummies

monochrome dummies

As much as you might enjoy monochrome, pulling it off in home decor isn’t always easy. But some things never fail and will help you nail your dream decor.

White is fail-proof and it’s a color that everyone’s familiar with. While it brings peace and tranquility to settings, be careful as it can also create settings that are too cold.

Prevent that from happening by using plants, black and white pictures, and natural fiber accessories. White can be the perfect solution for monochrome decor that doesn’t overwhelm.

Bolder monochrome ideas

monochrome bold

Open your mind; if you want to dive headfirst into this decor trend, take it to the most unlikely corner of your home. What about a green bathroom? Green relaxes the mind and invites it to reflect. Just thinking about a bathtub makes you want to try, right?

Or, you could try coral before the trend fadesA coral living room, warm and full of life would be gorgeous.

Example of restaurants with monochrome decor

monochrome examples

We’ve mentioned one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world, The Gallery at Sketch (London) in our previous posts. The restaurant is a collaboration between artist David Shrigley and architect/designer India Mahdavi. Completely pink, the restaurant pays homage to art, gastronomy, and music.

But the Sketch is hardly the only establishment that went for a monochrome decor. Tiffany&Co recently opened the Blue Box Cafe in New York.

Now you can have breakfast at Tiffany’s and find yourself surrounded by that iconic turquoise blue. The restaurant uses tableware that’s fabulously deco and boasts impressive views of Central Park.

As you’ve read with us today, monochrome decor isn’t boring at all; it’s a hot trend that promises a visual treat as long as it’s done correctly. Remember our tips and give your home a makeover in your favorite color.

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