Spring Decor Trends For 2023

Spring decor trends for 2023 include shades of pink, floral prints, and using beautiful scents like jasmine. Recreate our ideas at home!
Spring Decor Trends For 2023

Last update: 27 April, 2023

Although spring is officially here, there’s still time to think about spring decor! This article contains all you need to know about spring decor trends for 2023.

By following our tips, you can easily renew and update your winter decor to ensure you’re on trend this spring.

Use your favorite tips from our list of spring decor trends and every time you enter your home, you’ll feel the vibe of one of the best and most beautiful seasons of the year.

1. Start from the outside in

Spring decor has to be applied in every corner of your home so that everyone who visits knows you’re in spring mode. As such, the best way to begin implementing spring is in your garden. Spring flowers should greet and welcome everyone.

Take advantage of this time of the year by taking some cuttings of these flowers and placing them in a vase, indoors. Use your vases to decorate your hallway and side tables. What better way to welcome your guests? 

Spring decorating starts with sprucing up your garden.
Spring decor starts with sprucing up your garden.

2. Choose natural fiber rugs

Natural fiber rugs such as jute are ideal for replacing the woolen rugs that adorned our homes during the winter. They’re beautiful and have decorative value and personality, especially since they’re often crafted by hand.

Plus, they protect your feet from the heat, so you can walk barefoot around your home with confidence. There are many different shapes and sizes too, so you’ll easily find one you like and that’ll imprint your preferred style on your home.

Pink is a color that we most associate with spring. It’s soft, warm, and yet vibrant at the same time. This tone is created by mixing red and white, the former being the predominant tone, from which comes its strength and energy.

One of the trends imposed for some time and still prevails in 2023, involves how you use the color, especially during the spring. You can use it in different ways, such as on cushions, light blankets, and even dining room tablecloths. Moreover, you can include pink within your floral arrangements and use pink vases too.

4. Use floral prints

Spring and flowers go together and it’s something we all love about this season. For this reason, floral prints should predominate in spring decor. You can use them to decorate your beds, embellish your curtains or dress your furniture. To avoid replacing your current sofa, buy floral print sofa covers or add subtle touches such as floral print cushions.

These prints go well with other elements in solid tones, as they create a unique contrast. For example, if you’re going to dress your bed in green, use floral pillowcases or vice versa, Furthermore, if you’re going to use floral print cushions on the sofa, include other cushions in bright colors, that contrast with the tone.

5. Bring out your happiest tableware

Colored tableware.
Don’t forget your table this spring! Opt for some striking and beautiful tableware.

If you already have colored dishes, such as blue, green, or even pink, it’s time to start using them! If you don’t have these, then spring is the perfect excuse to go shopping. Incredibly, good crockery embellishes the dining table and creates a happy atmosphere among diners.

Make sure that the tone you choose matches your tablecloth and all the accessories on your table, including flowers and centerpieces.

If you have indoor plants in pots, take advantage of spring to update them. Clean the leaves of your plants to make them shine, give them fertilizer and change their pots for ones synonymous with spring. Among the options you have are colored pots in materials such as cement, plastic, and porcelain.

You can also implement a rustic style and use basket-type pots. You can buy them or make them yourself by wrapping the pots you already have in jute or raffia fabric. Which option do you like best?

We’ve explained six ways for you to easily implement spring decor in your home, but these aren’t your only options. You can replicate these ideas and create new ones to match your personality and style.

For example, if you love air fresheners, then it’s time to use spring fragrances like lavender or jasmine. Place scented candles in areas such as the hallway, bathroom, and bedrooms. For everything else, why not let your creativity surprise you?