Spare Room? Find Out How to Take Advantage of it!

Taking advantage of your spare and empty room at home is very simple. We'll give you some ideas and explain how to use this space for maximum productivity.
Spare Room? Find Out How to Take Advantage of it!

Last update: 10 May, 2022

Oftentimes, we find ourselves with a spare room in our homes that we don’t know what to do with. The empty space is wasted and is in danger of becoming an area where you dump the things you don’t use anymore.

We’ll explain how you can take advantage of your spare room and give you some ideas for its practical use, such as turning it into a guest room, games room, or home office.

Go ahead, keep reading and discover the different options that we have for you!

How can you take advantage of your spare room?

Wood takes a leading role in this 2022.
Your spare room can become a functional space.

Here are some of our ideas to help you transform your spare room into a fully functional and beautiful space. Ready? Let’s get started!

A room for your guests

If you enjoy having visitors to stay or you have an extended family, take advantage of your spare room. Turn it into a beautiful guest room in a few simple steps. Whether your room is large or small, with the right bed, a rug, a chest of drawers, and a few accessories, it’s ready to be occupied.

Moreover, if you’re thinking of renovating your main bedroom, don’t sell or give away your old furniture, put it to good use in your spare room.

Turn your spare room into a games room

You can easily adapt your spare room to create a games room. It’s a valid option when you have children or if you’re a fan of video and computer games.

Children often leave their toys lying around in their bedrooms, which can feel cluttered and messy. To put an end to this, use your spare room as a play area. Place a few organizers and storage boxes in there and your children will soon learn how to stay organized. Equally, they’ll enjoy their playtime without it affecting their rest space.

Now, for older children, you can install consoles and a comfortable sofa, or a desk with a gaming chair to play on the computer. Either way, your spare room will become the perfect place to spend quality time with your family.

Transform it into a study or workspace

A spare room gives you the perfect opportunity to build your own study, private studio, or workspace. On the market, you can find various furniture, chairs, and tables specially designed to organize a study that adapts to your needs.

The idea is that your room becomes a private, quiet, and concentrated space where you can carry out your work, university studies, or school duties.

Use your spare room as a clothes closet

If you have an empty room and have a lot of clothes and little space in your bedroom, take advantage and create a giant closet. If your spare room is close to your main bedroom, even better! Use this additional space to design the walk-in closet of your dreams.

Create a custom library

home libraries
How about filling your spare room with your precious books?

To turn your empty room into a giant library, all you have to do is install some shelving. This idea can even complement a study, but it’s better if you can divide the space.

This space will transform into an innovative area that’s suitable for being seduced by literature. Add an armchair and you can use this room to relax and read alone, with your partner, your children, or your pets.

Convert your room into purpose-built storage

If you have a free room, why not convert it into purpose-built storage space? This space can be used to neatly store the things that you no longer use or to contain any clutter.

However, it’s very important that you keep everything in order with organizers, storage boxes, and shelving. You can even keep a list of everything that you store in there.

How about renting out your spare room?

As a last idea, why not consider renting your room out to someone you know? This idea is interesting because you’ll be able to earn some money from an otherwise empty space. To develop this idea you can choose between two options: furnish it or rent it empty so that your tenant can organize their belongings as they want.

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