Some Great Apps to Decorate Your Home with Ease

Need help designing your home? We've got some great ideas to help you. Take a look at the best apps to decorate your home easily. Have you heard of any of them?
Some Great Apps to Decorate Your Home with Ease

Last update: 11 September, 2020

Technology has already reached practically every area of our lives. Who would have thought, even just a few years ago, that you could be connected to people all over the world thanks to your cell phone? With your tablet or smartphone, you can do virtually anything. You can write emails, edit photos, send files, read books, pay bills, control your house from afar, and, yes, there are even apps to decorate your home.

With just a single click you can choose colors, take measurements, make plans, find out if a wall is level, or copy an entire color palette. The options are almost endless, and so we’ve just chosen a few of our favorites. They’re easy to use, fun, and will help make decorating your home a real pleasure.

Design at the click of a button

Home Design 3D

Home design app.
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This tool is perfect for people who have an empty house to work with, or who are going to do a renovation. It’s like a blank canvas where you can place doors, windows, furniture, and so on. In this way, you’ll get an idea of which options you like best. You can see everything in 2D and 3D.


Roomle app.
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If you’re someone who likes to change your furniture around every few months and alter the layout of your house frequently, then this is another of our apps to decorate your home that you’ll love.

You’ll be able to use it to design different areas of your house by simply dragging items around the screen using your finger. For example, you can erect or remove a wall, add furniture, create a new floor, etc. The app works using 3D plans. With its augmented reality, its realism will give you a great idea of how things will look in your house.

And, as if that weren’t enough, their app also integrates furniture catalogs from stores like IKEA or Hay. In this way, you’ll be able to see how their furniture looks in each room of your house.


Palettes app.
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Color lovers will find this one of the most inspiring apps for decorating their homes. It allows you to create color palettes from objects or anything else that inspires you, whether a piece of furniture, a flower, or a painting. Once you’ve done that you can compare and find the best combinations.

All you have to do is take a picture of the object and the Palettes app does the rest.


Handyman app.

If you’re thinking about painting your house, then this app will tell you how much paint you’ll need according to the size of the area you want to paint and the type of finish you want. It’ll even calculate how much it’ll cost you if you enter the price information into the app.

And, the app even has tutorials where you can learn about different painting techniques.


Magicplan app.
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With the help of your cellphone camera and this app, you’ll be able to create accurate plans of your house. Once the plan is ready, it’ll calculate all the necessary measurements to enable you to decorate your house accurately and with no room for doubt.

The good news is that this tool is completely free. It’ll allow you to export the plans in both PDF and JPG formats, albeit with watermarks. If you’re going to use this app professionally, then the paid version will give you different formats and no watermarks.

SnapShop Showroom

Snapshot showroom app.

Out of all the apps to decorate your home, this is one of the most useful as far as furniture goes. It’ll help you to see how your furniture will look in every room in your home.

The only thing you need to do is take a photograph from within the app, and then you’ll be able to compare different items of furniture, thanks to the augmented reality technology. And, to make things even easier, you even have the option of buying the furniture you decide on directly from the app.

Autodesk Homestyler

Autodesk app.
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This is an Autodesk application. As you can imagine, it’s one of the most professional ones when it comes to offering help with decorating or space planning.

Mark On Call

Mark on call app.
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With this app, you can make a detailed plan of your house with all its measurements. Just take photos and see how different items look with different colors, types of materials, fabrics, etc.

Thanks to its virtual design, designing the house of your dreams will be totally within your reach. As a bonus, you can also make a to-do list.

Designing a home to suit your tastes is a piece of cake thanks to these great apps to decorate your home. It’s never been easier to measure, paint, and arrange your furniture. Which one is your favorite?