Small Furniture Businesses: The Current Situation

It's important to know the particularities of the current situation and future prospects of small furniture businesses. Keep reading.
Small Furniture Businesses: The Current Situation

Last update: 19 October, 2023

At present, trends are changing when it comes to buying decoration products. A particular case is the small furniture businesses. What’s their current situation? How are these types of businesses sustained?

Social behaviors are varied. Depending on the season and the economic boom, people spend more or less. The processes are cyclical, and there are periods in which we can spend more, and others in which we prefer to practice saving.

Currently, we try to economize, search for deals, and resort to the functional elements. The figures of craftsmen and the goldsmiths who were dedicated to spending many hours making decorative pieces are being lost. Today, other formulas are sought that are easy and decisive.

The success of department stores

Decoration stores: an uncertain future

Basically, here’s the crux of the matter. Large commercial areas make more and more sales, and more and more people go there. This is mainly due to the low prices and the products made of flimsy and simple materials.

In reality, a piece of furniture is sought to fulfill a purpose, which is why the concept of functionality is increasingly practiced. Big brands like IKEA tend toward this type of design. In this way, expectations are met, and this doesn’t imply a high price.

If we take these premises into account, traditional small furniture stores are the most likely to be affected. Families go to the mall, spend the day there, and return home with various purchases, unlike the traditional system of going to the shops on the street.

Times change, and so does the decor.

Sales in small furniture businesses

What do sales currently look like in small furniture businesses today? If we carefully analyze their situation and pay attention to social behaviors, we’ll see that a decline is taking place. Therefore, let’s look at some important aspects:

  • On the one hand, it should be noted that people don’t have time to go out quietly to look at the windows or spend an afternoon looking at the furniture in the shops. They prefer to go to a shopping center and, in addition to making a quick and efficient purchase, they consume other leisure activities.
  • We can also argue the case that franchises make their way forcefully. This involves television and internet advertising, mailings, and “word of mouth.” In other words, they quickly and efficiently disseminate the advantages of buying in certain places.
  • Small shops offer quality and personalized attention, something that’s generally not perceived in large stores where purchases are made alone. However, we return to the same argument as before: People prefer a purchase that doesn’t consume a lot of time.
  • If we look at other aspects, such as designs, conventional stores can display a more exclusive catalog, with items that can’t be found elsewhere. This is something worth considering, but it implies a higher price and, consequently, a lack of opportunities.

Internet sales

A woman sitting on her couch at home, making purchases on the internet with a credit card.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

We mustn’t forget another important factor that has completely changed our way of life: Shopping on the internet. Today, there are different websites where you can buy various decoration products, including furniture.

Photographs, information, measurements, and all kinds of advantages are included so that we feel maximum comfort. This way, we can buy without even getting up from the sofa.

Although this may seem like an advantage, it can be expensive. Sometimes, the product doesn’t meet expectations, taking into account that it’s about lowering costs. On the contrary, traditional stores allow us to check and feel the material in person, something that’s formidable.

Future perspective

What awaits small furniture businesses in the future? It’s possible that they’ll continue to exist, but they won’t be what they were in the past. Decades ago, they had great success. However, in the coming years, they’ll lose their clientele slightly and will have to adapt to changing times.

All this may imply an investment in online advertisement, opening websites, or trying to find other markets. The idea is that they renew their image and try to adapt themselves to the services demanded by today’s society.

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