Resolutions For Your home in 2023

Just as you create new year's resolutions for yourself, why not create resolutions for your home in 2023?
Resolutions For Your home in 2023

Last update: 05 January, 2023

The new year is now upon us and before 2023 begins in earnest, why not create some new year’s resolutions for your home? This presents the perfect opportunity to strengthen the relationship you have with your home and make some simple but effective changes in just a few steps.

In this article, we’ll discuss some simple ideas that you can turn into a reality and set as achievable goals. Use our inspiration to make your home look beautiful and modern. Ready to learn more? Keep reading!

Make a list: resolutions for your home in 2023

Welcome to 2023! Your home is the most sacred space you have, as such, it should be clean, orderly, and comfortable. Make your home shine this year and ensure it’s the place you want to spend time in.

Start by creating a list of tasks that’ll lead you to achieve this goal. Here are some ideas!

1. Remove everything you no longer need or want

The areas we always forget to clean

In 2023, eliminate clutter and clean your home.The first of our 2023 resolutions for your home is to ensure you start the new year with a clean and ordered environment. Take a large bag or box and collect all the decorative objects, items, and furniture pieces that you no longer want. Ensure that any broken items are also placed in this bag and do the same with any textiles and even with the things in your wardrobe.

Once the clutter has been removed, you can sweep, scrub, and dust. You’ll immediately notice that your home feels less restricted and looks clearer. You should actually repeat this ritual regularly throughout the year.

Now, what should you do with the things that you no longer want? Well, depending on their state, you can sell them, recycle them, give them away to friends or donate them to charity.

2. Take on challenges and make risky changes

The new year has arrived with its own color trends and interior design ideas. Don’t be afraid and start taking risky challenges to transform your home and make it modern. Keep in mind that home renovations don’t necessarily mean completing major works. A simple change in the color scheme on the walls or curtains will be highly effective. Some of the trendy shades for 2023 are olive green and earth colors.

Alternatively, if your budget allows it, why not change some of your old furniture for items that are trending? Equally, you can change the flooring for something more up-to-date. Decide on the changes you’ve always wanted to make and get started.

3. Create an exclusive space just for you

What do you like doing? Maybe it’s painting, writing, drawing, crafts, practicing yoga, or reading. Think about your answer and create that special space in your home as a project for the new year. If you have enough space, dedicate an entire room, if not, then a specific corner where you feel comfortable will suffice.

To do this, you’ll have to create a space that includes your favorite colors, and furniture that generates comfort. Each item should be chosen according to the activity that you’d like to develop and you’ll need to add the personal touches that you want.

4. Resolutions for your home: start a unique collection

May one of your purposes be to travel and bring back memories to decorate your home.
One of your goals for 2023 could be to travel more and bring back decorative items for your home.

This resolution for your home in 2023 includes beginning a new story marked by your own adventures. We’re certain that within your own list of personal resolutions for this new year, there’s a dedicated section for all the trips you want to make.

Well, we want your rooms to remind you of your adventures and the fun you had. Dedicate a space in your living room to place all those crafts and special objects that you found on your travels. In addition to being decorative, they’ll motivate you to travel new paths.

5. Always choose sustainability

The last of the resolutions for your home in 2023 has to do with sustainability. This trend is here to stay because our planet expects much more from us and it’s time to respond to it.

You can start this by making simple changes such as reducing your water use and changing traditional light bulbs for LED-type ones. You can also unplug appliances when you’re not using them to save energy on a daily basis.

In the long run, this will also save you money on your monthly bills.

Feel free to add to this list of resolutions for your home!

Although we’ve always assumed that resolutions for the new year are made on December 31 at midnight, it’s never too late to start! Create your list of goals now. Practice what you want to accomplish and change what you know you no longer want.

Don’t feel obligated to fulfill our entire list and remember to modify it in order to have the home that you’ve always wanted.

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