Renovate Your Wooden Furniture With These Creative Ideas

If you want to transform the look of your furniture, today we’ll present you with some ways in which you can achieve an incredible result without spending a lot of money.
Renovate Your Wooden Furniture With These Creative Ideas

Last update: 21 March, 2023

We all have at home those wooden furniture pieces that were once the latest trend, but now look a bit outdated. However, before giving them away or throwing them to the curb, think about all the potential they could have with a little creativity and imagination. Keep reading and learn how to renovate this kind of furniture in a simple way.

Besides saving money, transforming and updating furniture instead of throwing it away is a friendly way to reduce the environmental impact of the waste we produce. In addition, using the different techniques that we’ll present below can be an excellent idea to clear your mind and let your imagination run wild.

3 simple ideas to renovate wooden furniture

If you have some old furniture at home that’s damaged or that you no longer like as much as you used to, don’t leave it lying in a corner, but rather renovate it to make it look like new. Giving a new look to our furniture can transform the look of our rooms and bring in its wake great personal satisfaction, so give it a try.

Here are some ways to modernize wooden furniture.

1. Apply a timeless and elegant wallpaper

Multicolored rolls of wallpaper, brush, glue, and paint are ready for renovating your apartment. Do-it-yourself apartment renovation concept.

If you want to completely change the old look of your wooden furniture, applying wallpaper is a creative and inexpensive technique that will allow you to give them a new style. In addition, as there’s a wide variety of designs on the market with an infinite number of textures and colors, it’s a good way to express personal tastes.

To apply the wallpaper, you must follow the following steps

  1. Prepare the furniture: before cutting and applying the design, it’s very important to clean and sand the entire chair, table or shelf so that the surface is smooth and free of any imperfections.
  2. Measure and cut the wallpaper: in order to avoid unnecessary expenses, you should measure the furniture carefully to calculate the amount of wallpaper you’ll need. It’s best to cut strips of the right size, taking into account all corners and edges.
  3. Apply a good adhesive: for the wallpaper to adhere well, you need to apply a quality adhesive to the surface of the furniture and then carefully put the wallpaper in place. Press gently to remove any air bubbles and make sure the paper is aligned.
  4. Trim the excess: once you’ve pasted the wallpaper on the desired object, the excess should be cut off with a knife or scissors. It’s crucial that you do it carefully for a neat finish.
  5. Let dry completely.

2. Paint your wooden furniture and give it a facelift

If you like to paint in your spare time and consider it a way to relax, you can make wooden furniture your new project and give it a new style to update its appearance. This way, you can achieve a modern and attractive result using vibrant and bold colors.

To achieve this, you should do the following:

  1. Carefully clean the furniture: the first step is to prepare the surface to remove all the dirt and imperfections that may prevent the paint from adhering well.
  2. Choose your favorite color: to find the ideal tone, keep in mind the overall style of the room and look for inspiration online. Bright colors such as yellow, green, blue, orange, and pink are excellent choices for a modern, eye-catching look. Although you can also opt for a sober and elegant varnish.
  3. Paint carefully: it’s highly recommended that you use a primer before you start painting to help the paint adhere better. Then, you can apply the first coat of color and let it dry for at least 24 hours before applying the second coat.
  4. Add details: for an even more modern and eye-catching look, you can add details in different colors and textures. For example, paint the edges in a different color or use masking tape to create a geometric pattern.
  5. Finish the process: once you’ve finished painting the furniture, you should let it dry for a full day before using it and enjoying its new look.
Concentrated professional restorer varnishing vintage chair in workshop

3. Install new hardware for a modern touch

If you consider the paint on your furniture to be in perfect condition, but you want to give it a more elegant and modern touch, you can install beautiful hardware such as handles, knobs, pulls , hinges, or other accessories that give a more modern style.

You should carefully choose the hardware that suits your decor and try to use the existing holes so you don’t make new ones. Then, remove the old hardware and fill any imperfections with wood filler. If drilling is necessary, do it gently so as not to damage the furniture. Finally, install the new hardware to give your furniture new life.

Take the plunge and renovate the wood furniture in your home

People aren’t the only ones who deserve second chances, because even a piece of furniture that looks worn and damaged can be completely changed with a little help. So, if you want to give a more modern style to your furniture, follow the above recommendations and let your imagination. Your home and the environment will thank you!