Original Baseboards for Your Home

Most people disregard baseboards as purely functional elements. Tune it in to its surroundings instead and convert it into another piece of your home decor.
Original Baseboards for Your Home

Last update: 21 December, 2019

Do you want a home decor that wows onlookers? Original baseboards can be a great way to enhance your home decor and take care of every last detail.

Though most people don’t even consider baseboards, they can create an interesting setting if you include them in your home decor. They can have a big visual impact on any room in your home.

We don’t always value baseboards as we should. They too are another element that makes up home decor. In our post today, read about how to use them to enhance your decor.

Basic and functional

baseboards basic

Baseboards are most often smooth and match the floor color. They can be wood or tile. Consequently, most baseboards share similar features.

They’re essentially a small extension of the floor that continues onto the walls. In other words, they connect the wall and floor at a 90º angle.

Most people don’t think twice about them. Instead, they go unnoticed as a simple functional element – these are baseboards in their most basic form.

Basic resources have a functional appearance.

Baseboards for rustic settings

baseboard rustic

Rustic baseboards are an interesting example of what baseboards can be. They have a country, natural character. The design aims to create a rural, casual ambiance.

  • You can use rustic baseboards for wood or stone floors. But instead of smooth options, look for more interesting designs.
  • These baseboards come straight from tree bark. But you’ll need the machinery to remove it. If you’re interested in this option, you can contact a construction company that manufactures these kinds of rustic baseboards.
  • The top line is irregular, which creates a more natural character. The irregularity creates an interesting and truly unique element.

Unique lighting

baseboards lighting

Another interesting idea is using small spotlights in your baseboards. As we usually hang lights from our ceilings, this idea might seem a little strange at first.

  • Cut circular openings into a basic baseboard for the lights.
  • Gentle lights that still have some intensity work best; look for something in between weak and strong.
  • Make sure to use warm lighting. White light can look too harsh and create visual tension.
  • The lights should create a comfortable, serene setting as well as an emphasis on the floor.
  • You can choose how many lights to use. If you want a lot of light, try placing them a half-meter apart. On the other hand, if you want subtler lighting, try placing each one two-meters apart instead.
  • They’ll create an elegant and glamorous ambiance.


baseboards lacquered

Lacquered options are a popular choice for homes. They best fit in classical or minimalist settings.

  • They have a simple appearance. While the design should match the floor, they generally are smooth until the upper section where a nice curved texture comes into a play, creating a more elegant feel.
  • These baseboards are both functional and artistic.
  • Keep them the same color as your wall. White might be the best color to connect your elements together.

Patterns or special decor

baseboards figureines

You can also add decor elements to baseboards. Choose from animals, symbols, geometric structures, lines, etc.

A truly unique idea is hinting at a little mouse’s home. If you have children, it’s a great idea to try. You can also use ants or other animals and insects for a realist effect.

All in all, there are countless ways to use baseboards in your home decor.