Oriental Trends in Decoration

Do you want to decorate your home in an oriental style? Learn more about this trend and discover everything you need to know.
Oriental Trends in Decoration

Last update: 05 April, 2022

Trends in oriental decoration are followed by people all around the world. This is because oriental decoration and interior design are one of the most interesting and timeless styles. Despite the passage of time, this trend is always at the top. 

This style doesn’t just come from countries like China or Japan. The West has gradually made it their own and changed it to incorporate an eccentric feel.

It seems as if a lot of people are afraid of this style because they have an image of a Chinese bazaar or a Japanese restaurant. However, oriental decoration is much more than this. In fact, it doesn’t have anything to do with what you may have seen in these kinds of establishments.

What does oriental decoration consist of?

Far from what you might think, the oriental style isn’t specifically connected to either China or Japan. Instead, it’s a unique style because each part of the Orient has its own characteristics. 

However, these characteristics mix and overlap. Because of this, we’re talking about the oriental style in general and not specifically about Chinese or Japanese styles. 

The oriental style is characterized by being tranquil and serene. This is due to the importance that the East gives to human spirituality.

So, the decoration centers on man looking for harmony with their soul. As such the interaction between this and nature should be peaceful. This is where the natural elements stand out, like water, stones, or plants.

Another one of the identifying marks of the oriental style is its simplicity. This has a lot to do with Feng Shui and minimalism. To some extent, homes decorated with this style end up being minimalistic. For eastern cultures, it’s very important to only use what’s necessary and everything should have a place. 

You could say that this isn’t just a decor style, it’s also a question of mentality and spirituality. 

For colors, oriental styles sometimes use red or orange tones with black. However, one of the trends in oriental decoration is using neutral tones like beige, white, and light browns. You can even see light greens.

The characteristic colors we just mentioned (red, orange, and black) can be used for small details, instead of using them as main colors.

Materials in oriental decoration

One of the most previously used materials in the oriental style was wood. Even though this is still the case, using natural wood is preferable.

Other materials used in oriental design are bamboo, stone, rice paper, wicker, and silk. These are natural elements that are historically important to the eastern culture.

One of the trends in oriental decoration is using bamboo stalks to create a vertical garden. This consists of making openings in the stalks so that you can put and grow plants in them. The result is spectacular!


The oriental culture is one that was mostly developed close to the ground. This is why a lot of furniture in this style is low to the ground because the most important rituals take place at ground level.

Coffee tables, beds, or dining room tables are one of the oriental trends that have adopted other styles like modernism or minimalism. They have a lot in common with low coffee tables or low beds.

Decorative elements in oriental decoration

Forget the Chinese-style streamers or the cat that welcomes you when you walk into a Chinese restaurant. The things that the oriental decoration style incorporates are:

  • Plants: they give off a relaxing, bright atmosphere. It’s even better if you have some colored flowers. Orchids are perfect.
  • Stones: if you add stones to the plants, you already have a relaxing oriental garden. Without a doubt, it’s relaxing to just see it.
  • Screens: to separate areas, use screens. It’s even better if they’re made from rice paper.  They’ll be a classic element from the oriental culture. But, they’re very functional at home too.
  • Rugs and cushions: since the oriental style is close to the ground, rugs and cushions are more comfortable when activities are taking place on the floor.


The trends in oriental decoration are small changes that continuously renovate and adapt to new times and followers. It’s a simple style and it’s easy to use.

The hard part is elsewhere, like keeping everything where it belongs and being organized. However, if you decide to decorate your home in this style, you can’t go wrong.