Open Bookcases: Three Design Options to Choose From

Having a library in your home is something that most people can only dream of. However, these open bookcases are a great alternative. They're guaranteed to delight all literature lovers!
Open Bookcases: Three Design Options to Choose From

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Having a library at home is something that most literature lovers can only dream about. However, thanks to open bookcases anything is possible!

Open bookcases that display your favorite books will make your home look cozy and elegant, but only if all your books are in order! In addition, this is a great decorative option for professionals who use reference books for their work, such as journalists, writers, writers, or lawyers.

We have three design options to share with you, so you can choose the best style according to your taste. Moreover, we’ll explain how to use them and where to place them in your home. Keep reading to discover all the options.

Open bookcases and design options

As its name indicates, an open bookcase is one that allows books to be seen, isn’t encased, and is accessible from every angle. Next, we’re going to explain the three decorative styles surrounding open bookcases.

The floor to ceiling open bookcase is beautiful.
The floor-to-ceiling open bookcase is beautiful.

1. Floor-to-ceiling

This is a very attractive option. You can have your open bookcases in the living room, in the study, or in the dining room. Whichever room you choose, your open bookcase will become the main feature.

To add to the design and elegance, bookcase modules are usually regular, meaning that each compartment has the same height and width. They can be rectangular or square, but the shape you choose will depend on the size of your books. 

Equally, these types of open bookcases can vary in their design. Some are quite sober in appearance, with each compartment separated by wood or metal. These create a minimalistic look. Other options include different designs for customization.

If you like the idea of having an open bookcase at home, but you don’t have a lot of space, remember that corridors and narrow hallways are other great places to install them.

2. Semi-open bookcases

This is an option for people who have a large book collection, but perhaps they don’t want to display them all. For example, you may have specialist and expensive editions that you don’t want to leave in the grasp of children or pets. Equally, you may not want your visitors to see them.

For this reason, a semi-open bookcase with a closed lower module is a great idea. The upper part is open and attractive in terms of design, and in the closed module, you can store your more valuable books. Alternatively, you can reverse the closed and open modules, so that the closed module is at the top. This is a classic option and is somewhat traditional.

However, there are many ways you can include this type of bookcase in a more modern and contemporary home. Simply play with the color of your bookcase and any decorative accessories. You can add accessories such as plants, vases, and ornaments on your shelves, alongside your books.

3. Use open bookcases to divide spaces

Use your open bookcase to separate spaces.
Use open bookcases to separate spaces.

Our final option is a striking idea if you have a home with large open spaces or an open plan home. Having open bookcases is a great way to separate your living room from your study or to create a corridor between the living room and the kitchen.

In order for the light to circulate, your bookcase must be completely open, meaning that you must be able to see through it. The key to maintaining the intimacy and independence of each area that you want to separate is strategically placing your books. Equally, you can also use other decorative accessories such as plants, paintings, or picture frames.

Which options do you prefer?

We’ve shared three beautiful decorative ideas to install open bookcases in your home. Choose the one that best suits your personal tastes and style. Remember that everything will depend on your preferences! You can add some photo frames containing your best moments to highlight your personality.

You can also place some potted succulents or cacti, some decorative candles, or arrangements on decorative trays. The options to beautify your library are almost endless.