New Year's Rituals for the Home

Discover the new year's rituals for your home. Follow our tips to ensure you attract good luck, love, and prosperity in 2023.
New Year's Rituals for the Home

Last update: 12 January, 2023

The new year is here and we’re going to share some of the most popular new year’s rituals for your home to attract good luck for 2023.

Just as you follow other superstitions, such as dressing in certain colors and keeping certain grains in your pockets on the 31st of December to attract good fortune, you should also consider your home.

Are you interested in learning about these superstitions? Continue reading to discover what they are and start following our tips for January.

New year’s rituals to attract good luck to your home in 2023

On the 31st of December each year, you may follow traditional superstitions such as eating twelve grapes at midnight, wearing yellow underwear, and walking around the block with a suitcase to attract good luck for the coming year. But what about attracting good luck in your home?

There are certain rituals that focus on attracting good luck, prosperity, and abundance to your home that you can also practice at the start of the new year. We’ve listed seven of the most popular below so you can get started!

1. A deep clean

Resolutions to have a tidy house throughout the year
One of the most traditional New Year’s rituals for the home is to perform a deep clean.

The first of the new year’s rituals surround giving your home a deep clean. Different proverbs explain that you’ll spend the entire year as the new year finds you.

Don’t delay! Complete an in-depth review first and then you can start cleaning your whole home. Remove all the things you don’t use and get rid of the things that are old or damaged to make room for new things. Equally, you need to thoroughly clean each room from top to bottom.

2. Let the fresh air in to attract good luck in the new year

Once you’ve finished cleaning, open the windows and doors to fully ventilate your home and let the fresh air in. Use this opportunity to scrub your floors with a cinnamon-scented product. In addition to leaving a delicious smell, it’s believed that this smell attracts good luck.

If you don’t have a specific product with this scent, add a pinch of ground cinnamon to your mop water.

3. New year’s rituals: collect any coins you find at home

The third ritual for your home to generate good luck includes collecting all the coins you’ve found laying around your home. Dont forget to check your drawers, coat pockets, and even under the bed.

Place them in a glass or wooden box with a lid, then take a red cord or ribbon and tie a bow around the box. Leave it in a visible place in your home, preferably underneath a mirror.

4. Light candles for each resolution

Candles symbolize light and they’re synonymous with a divine sign, such as the stars. This is why we recommend lighting different colored candles according to your new year’s resolutions. Take the opportunity to light candles in these tones:

  • Red candles: to attract love.
  • Green candles: for health and prosperity.
  • Yellow or gold candles: to attract wealth and economic stability.

5. Fill your home with ornaments of sheep

Sheep are synonymous with good luck, wealth, and abundance. Tradition says to hang them on the doors of your home, where good luck enters. You can also give them as gifts and even put them underneath your pillow.

Some cultures also fill their homes with grains such as rice, beans, and lentils to ensure a good supply of food for the coming year.

6. Let go of bad energy to encourage good energy

Tradition also dictates opening all the windows and doors in your home when the clock strikes twelve on the 31st of December. This allows the bad energy to leave and encourages the good luck to enter. If you live in a temperate climate, this is something you may want to try!

7. New year’s rituals: stock up on food

Two door fridge.
It’s believed that keeping cupboards fully stocked with food guarantees prosperity and abundance in the new year.

The last of our new year’s rituals for your home invites you to fill your cupboards and refrigerator with food. Remember, according to tradition, if you do this, you’ll have food in abundance for the next 12 months.

Additionally, if it’s within your financial means, make sure that your table is full of food. Equally, you could spread some good fortune and share a meal with someone who is in need or is feeling lonely.

The best new year’s rituals are in your heart

As you’ve seen, new year’s rituals for your home are nothing out of the ordinary, but if you follow these rituals from your heart, they’ll mean a lot more. Either way, it’s important to start the new year by asking for all the good things for both you and your loved ones.