Use the Ikea Catalog to Renovate your Home

Let's review Ikea's catalog to freshen up a room at an affordable price.
Use the Ikea Catalog to Renovate your Home

Last update: 13 October, 2020

The Ikea catalog will help you give a new look to your home. The combination of elements will give you a new perspective and turn any room into a more flexible and multifunctional space.

It’s time to go shopping at Ikea and renovate some of the rooms of your home. It has a great choice of furniture and accessories for storage and household use. Let’s go to Ikea!

Let’s bring new ideas to your home

Functionality and flexible spaces are Ikea’s specialty.

Also, Ikea has recently decided to add more patterns to their furniture. Adding modern graphics and traditional flowers, they offer a combination of styles that create a fun mix.

You can also buy a modular storage system to use in the bathroom or the kitchen and beautiful lamps. You’ll find furniture, accessories, and more in a simple and modern design proposal.

The VINLIDEN sofa is part of the new Ikea summer catalog.

A comfy sofa

The VINLIDEN sofa is designed to offer plenty of comfort, thanks to its high back and large seats. Its covers are very soft and it comes with smaller cushions you can use as armrests or as lumbar support.

The sofa has a light metal frame and it’s easy to assemble or move. Besides, you can choose between a two-seater or a three-seater sofa, with or without a chaise longue.

Storage furniture for your kitchen or bathroom

If you already love the RÅSKOG trolley, the ENHET storage unit will be a perfect match for you. It works in the bathroom, the kitchen, or in the laundry room too. It offers a simple design that fits any room.

The ENHET storage units offer you a mix of open and closed shelving that give you the chance to show your favorite objects, have easy access to the things you use more frequently, or to hide things and make the area look tidier.

It’s a simple platform made out of standard materials that you can use to take things with you, in case you need to move around.

It comes in white, red, or gray, and it’s also a good idea to combine them.

IVAR cabinet is part of the new Ikea Summer catalog.

IVAR closets and doors

This storage unit is made out of wood and it’s been an Ikea favorite for the past 50 years. Its new design includes metallic mesh and doors made of bamboo, which gives a more natural feeling to your closet. It’s made of renewable materials, so it’s a very sustainable option.

Also, the metallic racks are made of gray steel, which gives it a very elegant and industrial look. These units come with a lot of storage space for big or small items. It’s perfect for so many things – from folders for your office to kitchenware, clothes, or bags in the hall, as well as cleaning products.

A simple and pretty chair

You’ll love the FRÖSET chair because it’s the perfect example of Scandinavian design. Clean lines, visual lightness, and smart use of materials create this beautiful low chair.

It’s light and easy to move, which makes it the perfect element to use it whenever you have people over. It comes in white, red, or dark oak wood.

An extendable table

We love extendable tables because they’re extremely useful whenever you have a lot of friends over or if you need more space for your daily activities. That’s why the extendable RÖNNIGE table is a must-have.

Its extension mechanism is simple and it’s made of birch wood, which makes it a sturdy table and perfect for everyday use. It also has a modern and timeless Scandinavian look.

The new VINDKAST lamp.

A flower-shaped lamp

Without a doubt, this is a favorite because it’s gorgeous! The ceiling VINDKAST lamp has a pretty white shape that will remind you of a cloud or a flower. It looks so relaxing!

This ceiling light is 100% made of recycled polyester and you can create a warm and intimate look with it thanks to its lightness.

These are just some of the new things in Ikea’s catalog, but there are many more. From rugs for the little ones to comfortable cushions.

Go ahead and check out their website or their stores and start renovating your home. Start writing that Christmas list now!