Money Plant: Varieties and Care

Discover the different varieties and the basic care requirements of the money plant. This plant is said to bring good luck to the home.
Money Plant: Varieties and Care

Last update: 02 May, 2023

The money plant (Plectranthus) is one of the most popular indoor plants. It’s well known for bringing good luck, in terms of abundance and fortune. In this article, you’ll discover its predominant characteristics and how you can successfully care for it.

The best news is that it’s an easy-care plant. So if you’re an amateur gardener, you can grow it at home with the peace of mind that you’ll be able to take care of it. Keep reading to discover more!

The money plant: characteristics

The money plant blooms in a discreet way as its flowers are small and not showy. Flowers are usually white or light purple and these appear in the summer. However, its greatest feature is its leaves, which are dark green, with long, hanging stems. For this reason, it’s best to grow it in a pot that’ll encourage the stems to hang. By doing this, you’ll be able to appreciate its true beauty.

It’s a perennial plant native to Madagascar and other regions of Africa and with basic care, it can live for many years. According to feng shui, this plant attracts good luck and positive energy. As such, the philosophy recommends locating the money plant in the southeast corner of your home or office.

How many varieties of the money plant are there?

Plectranthus coleoides, one of the varieties of the money plant, is distinguished by its delicious aroma.
Plectranthus coleoides, one of the varieties of the money plant, is distinguished by its gorgeous perfume.

The answer to this question is several! There are different varieties of the money plant; each one has a separate meaning that we will explain. After reading this, you’ll be able to choose the variety that meets your needs.

Plectranthus verticillatus

The most common and popular variety is also known as the jade plant or Swedish money plant. Its leaves are round and shiny.

Plectranthus fructicosus

Distinguished by its beautiful, glossy green oval leaves that grow in a cluster. This variety also flowers and it’s commonly grown outdoors for ground cover.

Plectranthus argentatus

Large leaves with a silvery velvet texture, this variety often goes by the name silver shield. However, it’s an outdoor plant, rather than an indoor one.

Plectranthus coleoides

This variety, also known as false incense has an anatomy similar to the ivy plant, but it has striking white edges. Probably the best thing about this variety is that it produces a captivating scent, similar to that of mint or incense and this is where its name comes from. Feng shui states that it also purifies the air.

The money plant and its care

As we mentioned, the money plant is easy to care for. However, don’t become complacent because, without basic care, it can still wither and die. Take note, follow these tips, and enjoy watching your plant grow healthy and beautiful.


Being a perennial plant, the money plant grows well in all different types of soil. Of course, you do need to provide it with good drainage. If you’re going to plant it in a pot, you should use a mix of peat, perlite, and organic matter to ensure that it doesn’t puddle when you water it.


You must water this plant regularly, even though it doesn’t require much water. Water it according to the weather, making sure you do it when the substrate feels dry. This could be once or twice a week.


The money plant can grow too large, so pruning helps it maintain its shape.
The money plant can grow too large, so pruning helps to maintain its shape.

Pruning this indoor plant can be done from time to time to control its growth. We recommend you do this when the plant starts to look untidy. You can regularly remove any dry, dead, or damaged leaves by hand, taking the necessary care not to generate any major injuries to the plant.

The money plant and light

Light is essential for the proper growth of the money plant. Ideally, yours should always be placed in indirect sunlight. If you place the plant in shady areas, it will slowly die, something we don’t want to happen.


As it’s a perennial plant, it can be reproduced easily through cuttings, plant division, or seed propagation. The former is the simplest and fastest option.

Ready to cultivate prosperity in your home?

Now that you know about the different money plant varieties and their basic care, you can enjoy their beauty along with everything else that this plant can offer your home.