Manual or Motorized Blinds - Which to Choose?

When you’re decorating your home, you should pay attention to the type of blinds you choose. Some may offer greater convenience or functionality. Manual or motorized blinds, which are best?
Manual or Motorized Blinds - Which to Choose?

Last update: 29 October, 2020

Technology has made life easier for everyone. In the domestic sphere, it’s provided us with all kinds of convenience. One choice is whether to have manual or motorized blinds.

Which do you choose? Either option is feasible. Furthermore, it isn’t a matter of dismissing one but of analyzing the features of both to be able to decide which is best for your home.

The opportunity to choose is a privilege that we have in the modern world. In the past, people only had the option of manual blinds, which are becoming outdated now. For this reason, we’re going to tell what each type of blind can offer your home.

Slatted manual or motorized blinds

White blinds.

This is the most common format. They can be made of PVC, plastic, or aluminum and are very resistant to the passage of time, as long as the material is of good quality. Ultimately, they’re safe bets if they’re regularly cleaned and cared for.

Often, people buy low-end products. But this can be a false economy in the long term since continued use can lead to wear and breakage.

Specialized technicians recommend buying top brands. In addition, you must take into account that top-quality materials facilitate blind rolling, compared to low-grade materials that will cause long-term problems.

It’s important to know the pros and cons of manual blinds.

Three differences between manual and motorized blinds

How to uninstall blinds.
How to uninstall blinds /

Despite understanding both types, you may still not know which one to choose. To make a decision, you have to focus on aspects such as comfort, aesthetics, functionality, and price. It’s a matter of establishing a comparison between the two. Here are three fundamental keys:

  1. First of all, you should know that both designs fulfill the same functions: to block out light, protect you from the outside environment, and protect your privacy. However, manual blinds are more prone to damage.
  2. Motorized blinds provide incomparable convenience. You can open and close them at the touch of a button, or with a remote control or cell phone. Some even have timers.
  3. On the other hand, manual blinds are an aesthetic contribution to your home. This is because you can find different options that adapt to any type of window. However, although motorized blinds are functional, there aren’t many designs and they tend to be more expensive.

Criteria to help you choose

Manual blinds in a kitchen.

It’s essential for you to have some basic criteria to help you make a decision. The price is obviously an aspect you need to take into account. However, if you stick to the principles of operation and aesthetics, you must consider certain aspects.

New city homes or large luxury villas tend to have modern resources. It’s a way of making homes “smart” to take advantage of technology. Therefore, most feature motorized blinds.

But if you want a more rustic or classic touch instead, you should opt for manual blinds.

Remember that the decorative goal you want to achieve in your home plays an important role. In turn, the convenience you want to enjoy is also important. Therefore, there’s no magic formula for choosing. Instead, your personal needs will influence your decision.

Blinds in a room.

In addition to the traditional system, other types of manual blinds may interest you. A particular kind is Venetian blinds, which are metallic and about an inch wide. You can open and close them with the simple twist of a rod.

However, the sheer model is the one that’s becoming increasingly popular in homes. This consists of two fabrics that are wound around a pole inside the box. You operate them with a chain or rope to either let more light in or darken the room.

Finally, we must highlight a concept that people are resorting to a lot nowadays: outdoor blinds. They’re resistant to bad weather and fulfill the same functions as indoor blinds.


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