Make Your Rental Apartment Stylish in 6 Steps

In this interesting article, discover six steps to make your rental apartment stylish.
Make Your Rental Apartment Stylish in 6 Steps

Last update: 20 May, 2020

Would you like to transform your rental apartment? We all know that renting has many advantages, such as being able to move whenever you want, avoiding accumulating unnecessary things, and not having to pay for any big problems that may occur.

However, one of the most common drawbacks is that you can’t decorate it to your liking, as you know that you’ll have to move sooner or later.

But don’t fret! In this article, we help you create a well-designed apartment with some smart and cost-effective decorating ideas.

Put self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper on the walls

A wall sticker in the kitchen.

One of the easiest ways to decorate your rental apartment without spending too much money or making changes that might upset your landlord is self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper.

All you have to do is make sure you put it up correctly to avoid air bubbles and to make sure that it’ll be easy to remove when you decide to move. However, you need to make sure that the walls are smooth before putting it up.

Find a style that suits your tastes and get ready to enjoy a radical change in your rental apartment.

Transform the floors

A stylish bedroom.

Another thing that’s typical of rental apartments is worn, old, or simply styled floors that don’t go with the rest of your decor.

Fortunately, this is very easy and inexpensive to solve. All you have to do is use rugs! They’re perfect to give any space warmth, personality, and color. You can even change them depending on the season of the year.

A work of art

Painting a room is fun. However, it’s can be exhausting and, then, when it’s time to move, you have to put it back as it was. But… how about creating a mural on one of your walls? In addition to letting your creative juices free, this is an original touch that will make your rental apartment feel like home.


Two hanging shelves.
Shelves /

We know that the perfect rental apartment doesn’t exist. Another of the most common problems is low storage capacity. Although it’d be ideal to have large closets full of drawers, this isn’t always the case.

But we have an idea! Put shelves on the walls. You can play with the sizes, heights, colors, and materials to create a nice, practical wall with storage for your books or other treasures. Visit Pinterest for inspiration. You’ll see all the things you can make with very few materials!

Goodbye doors, hello shelves

This tip will make everything look very different and modern. It’ll also help you keep your house organized.

You can remove some of the doors from your kitchen furniture to make way for beautiful open shelving. This has been one of the most popular trends for several years – combining open and closed furniture. We love it!

Of course, as we were saying, you’re going to need to maximize your organizational space.

If the bathroom cabinet is damaged, you can do the same thing. You just need a screwdriver and voilà. Your rental apartment will look a lot more modern afterward!

The magic of lighting in your rental apartment

A well-lit kitchen.

Whether you have recessed lights, LEDs, or simple bulbs, you can do plenty regarding lighting. Here’s an article in which we share the keys to achieving good lighting.

Also, we recommend that you use floor lamps, a table lamp, or a ceiling light fixture you’re in love with! You’ll see how good it makes your home look.

We’re sure you’ll feel a lot more comfortable in your rental apartment after applying these tips. Just put your creativity to good use!