Make your Own Lamps in Just a Few Easy Steps

If you love the DIY trend, then you need to know about these great ideas for making lamps from common household materials. They're super easy to do, and look great too!
Make your Own Lamps in Just a Few Easy Steps

Last update: 28 January, 2021

If you like the DIY trend, you’ve got to try out some of our ideas for making your own lamps from recycled materials. Read on, and find out how.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on hanging lamps, which are perfect for any type of space or style. Kitchens, children’s bedrooms, gardens… There are endless possibilities for every room.

As you’ll see in this article, you’ll hardly need any materials, and those you do need you probably already have in the house. As a result, these lamps are low-cost and affordable for pretty much any budget.

The only things you need to have before you get started are light bulbs or lighted garlands – depending on the style you want – and glue. However, for some of the more complex ideas, we recommend that you go out and buy a lamp so that you have a basic structure to work with, rather than making the whole thing from scratch.

Next, we’ll give you five great ideas to keep in mind when it comes to making your lamps.

How to make your own lamps

1. Recycled tin can ring pulls

This is one of the occasions in which it is best to buy a lamp first to give you the basic structure, rather than making the whole thing from scratch. Regardless of how small your lamp is, you’ll need a lot of ring pulls, at least around 350.

Depending on the style you’re going for, you can choose colored or plain aluminum ring pulls. The plain ring-pulls will create a more uniform look.

First, you should start making rows of ring pulls, which will cover the entire surface of your lamp. The first row should be folded in half to make sure they are firmly attached to the base. To attach the ring pulls to each other, you’ll need to make a small cut in each one, which will then be hidden by the next row.

Continue doing this until you have enough rows to cover the entire structure. This type of lamp will look great in modern and industrial style homes.

Lámpara de madera negra.

2. Make your own woven lamps

For this idea, all you need to do is choose the weaving technique you like best for your home. You can then use this technique to create other decorations for your room, to create a sense of cohesion and consistency.

There are many options to choose from, including blanket stitch, crochet, macramé… Once you’ve finished weaving, you need to inflate a balloon, until it’s the right size for your lamp.

Next, glue your woven lampshade to the balloon, covering all but the top. This is where the wires and the light bulb will go.

Once you’ve covered the entire surface, all you need to do now is pop the balloon. Because the fabric has been stuck down with glue, it will maintain the rounded shape of the balloon.

3. Bottles and jars

Give your old plastic bottles a new lease of life with this DIY project. Children will love this idea. You can also use glass bottles or jars, which make beautiful decorations.

The simplest option is to choose several bottles and add a light bulb or string of fairy lights to each one. Next, all you have to do is hang them from the ceiling, each at a different height.

If you want to create a more romantic and welcoming environment, you can choose colored glass bottles, and play around with the different lighting effects.

Another, slightly more complex idea, is to cut the bottom off plastic bottles, leaving just the base. You’ll notice that it looks like a flower. Arrange them however you like – hanging them in a beautiful cascade is a great option.

4. Using kitchen utensils

If you have any kitchen utensils that you don’t use anymore, you might want to consider using them to make yourself a new lamp. One example often seen in bars and restaurants is the cheese grater lamp.

Take four cheese graters and attach them together in a row. The light will create beautiful patterns on the walls as it passes through the holes. Using colored bulbs will look especially great.

Another idea is to use plastic spoons and old bottles. Cut the handle off the spoons, as you won’t be needing them for this project. Next, glue the spoons all around the bottle, arranging them almost like fish scales. You can also paint or decorate them if you want.

Use glass jars to create beautiful DIY lamps.

5. Reuse an old paper lamp

Finally, we have one last idea for you. This project involves taking the typical paper lamp and personalizing it yourself. If you love all things handmade and DIY, this is the project for you.

While you can find them with beautiful colors and designs, they’re often plain white. All you have to do is paint and decorate them with beads, textiles, or origami figures. For this project, you’ll need to buy special glue.

Another short-term option is to create light up balloons, which are great if you need to decorate for a party. Blow up your balloons and add an LED bulb, which can last between 24 and 48 hours. This will create a really beautiful and welcoming atmosphere.

Making your own lamps is actually pretty easy. It won’t take you long, or burn a hole in your pocket. Plus, there are so many different ways to reuse and recycle old materials. So why not give it a go?