Main Decorative Resources of The Surfer Style

The surfer style establishes a perfect harmony between sand, water, and wind. Discover the main decorative resources you'll need to create a free-spirited, carefree space.
Main Decorative Resources of The Surfer Style

Last update: 25 January, 2022

Surf lovers may consider adding different decorative resources to their homes that are related to their favorite sport. By doing this, the beach, the ocean, the light, and the sun will always be present. If you love surfing, keep reading! We’re going to show you the main decorative resources of the surfer style and the elements that should prevail in your home.

The surfer style transmits an alternative and peaceful vibe, where warm and earthy tones have a leading role, above all. The objective is to extract the aesthetic and chromatic components of the beach and the ocean and introduce them into your home.

It’s recommendable to use these decorative resources in one single space so that this style really stands out and doesn’t saturate the entire home.

Setting the scene for the surfer style


You don’t have to live in a beach house or oceanfront apartment to recreate the surfer style! You can enjoy this style even if you live in a city apartment. The purpose is to remind you of the setting in which you most like to be.

Equally, it’s a way of showing off your personality and passion and the meaning that surfing holds for you to such an extent that you can keep it in mind on a daily basis.

The setting perceives the sensations of the sea, the tranquility, restlessness, and, of course, the direct relationship with your personality. The free-spirited, lively and carefree character of this style is very interesting indeed.

Main decorative resources of the surfer style

Surfboard as a bottle rack.
Surfboard Bottle Rack /

In order to develop this style in any room of your home, you need to know which resources are the most suitable and how they can be arranged to create a summer surfing atmosphere. Let’s see the five essential elements:

  1. As you might expect, the main element that can’t be missing is the surfboard. This element is a considerable size and its placement can be complicated. You can hang it horizontally on the wall or leave it standing vertically, reinforced, and secured to the wall.
  2. Pictorial paintings that represent a surfer or, simply, a beach with the ocean in the background. Both images will look great in oil or watercolor. You can also use photographs on personalized canvases to adorn your walls.
  3. Plants offer a touch of nature and greenery that fits very well with warm tones. Tropical plants are the most popular and these include braided ficus, ferns, vines, and palm trees.
  4. Using maritime resources such as ropes, nets, the rudder of a ship, fishing lures, a life preserver and shells also work well in the surfer style. They mustn’t overload the space, rather they should appear sporadically and anecdotally at different points.
  5. Wooden furniture: there’s no doubt that wood is associated with beaches and the ocean. However, furniture must have a worn appearance, as if it’s already been used before and in another context. For example, you can use an old surfboard to make a table.

The colors of the surfer style

surfer style

To successfully recreate the surfer style, your elements must combine with the colors of your space. In this case, white is essential and its presence on the walls or furniture will purify the environment and transmit calm.

Another option is using warm, earthy tones. As we mentioned earlier, wood is an important element and it can be present in furniture, beams, or floors. Wood relates very well to other colors such as gradient oranges, ochres, garnets or salmon.

So, is it possible to use cold tones? In this case, yes! But you must counteract them with other complementary colors that’ll help provide a certain warmth. Blue works very well on walls, blankets, or upholstery and it complements wood very well.

Prints on fabrics

Your cushions, bedspread, seating, blankets, or curtains may contain prints that are linked to the practice of surfing .

Some iconographic representations are a surfer, ocean waves, sea life, surfboards, the sun, and sand. These are identifying complements that collaborate to transmit a message of style and create a surf lover’s paradise.

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