Using Lilac in Your Home Decor

Adding elegance, naturalness and elegance to your home decor is easy. Just use the color lilac and you'll create the prefect decor balance your home needs.
Using Lilac in Your Home Decor

Last update: 24 September, 2019

Colors come in such a wide variety. Some colors might even seem too loud and intense for home decor, but the key lies in balancing them with others to create a fluid dialog for your decor. So, today we want to give you some tips on using the color lilac in your home.

First things first, you should know the difference between purple, violet, and lilac. While they look similar, they’re actually quite different from an aesthetic point of view. You can think of them as chromatic brothers with different traits.

What kind of ambiance can lilac create? It can give a unique setting that’s chic, elegant yet bohemian  at the same time. Lilac isn’t often a common option for home decor, but it truly creates a one-of-a-kind setting.

Lilac walls

lilac walls

Walls are your biggest canvas where colors can shine. You can use your walls to create a fundamental backdrop that will dominate the entire space. They’re a resource that wraps around your furniture as well as you yourself.

This gorgeous color might very well have certain feminine traits but it can also create a glamorous decor that sets itself apart from the rest. It breaks through conventional home decor ideas.

You don’t need to cover all of your walls in lilac; it can also work well with other colors, especially white or gray to create a great contrast. But try avoiding dark colors when applying lilac.

How can you use lilac in your bedroom?

lilac bedroom

Aside from your bedroom walls, you can also use lilac in other elements that play an important role in the setting. Anything in this color will become a visual focal point in your bedroom. Let’s take a look at some examples of where you can use the color:

  • The top blanket on your bed can be a great piece for lilac. Blankets already assume a main role in bedroom decor but adding lilac really draws the eye. But make sure to match it with the surrounding elements. Use the color in another item if you must.
  • If you don’t want your blanket to be a main focal point, you can always arrange lilac pillows on top of a light colored bed. This combination will create a striking contrast and gorgeous decor.
  • Curtains are another way to add in this beautiful color. It doesn’t matter if you choose opaque or translucent curtains. What does matter, however, is that they create a peaceful setting with a delicate air.
  • Your night lamp and the lampshade is also another element that can feature lilac. There are plenty of options to choose from. A lilac lamp will look great with a white or dark green nightstand.

Rugs also have a big say in bedroom decor

lilac rugs

You might not think so at first, but lilac can look great on floors, too. You can use patterned or solid-colored rugs. But make sure that the colors match your floor.

If you have white or gray tile floors, a rug in this beautiful color can work perfectly in your setting. Or, if you have a dark floor, you can still create a nice balance. But avoid using them on earthy or warm-colored floors, with the exception of light brown wooden floors.

Enjoy the elegance of lilac under your feet.

Other ways of using lilac

lilac other

True, lilac isn’t the easiest color to match with for decor. Not every color can flow with it, but making consistent decisions in your home decor with a plan can help you nail beautiful results.

Green looks wonderful in settings where lilac plays a big role. The combination of the two colors can create a natural decor as both of them have a strong relationship with nature.

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