Learn How to Thoroughly Disinfect Your Bathroom

Find out how to thoroughly disinfect your bathroom with our simple guide. We'll help you make light work of cleaning.
Learn How to Thoroughly Disinfect Your Bathroom

Last update: 24 December, 2022

We want to teach you how to thoroughly disinfect your bathroom, and this guide will help you to leave it sparkling. You’ll notice that in addition to keeping this room germ-free, calm will also reign.

Keep in mind that thoroughly cleaning this room will protect you in the fight against infections, viruses, and bacteria. Don’t forget, this room is also a humid environment and by keeping it spotless, you’ll reduce the risk of infection and preempt any maintenance issues before they arise.

The definitive guide to disinfecting your bathroom

The amount of dirt and germs that accumulate in the bathroom make it a critical area that must be continually attended to. However, let’s be honest! This room is one of the most uncomfortable and awkward rooms to clean, which is why thorough cleaning is usually left aside.

To prevent this from happening in your bathroom and to keep it pristine, we created this guide to teach you how to thoroughly disinfect it. Take note and you may find you actually enjoy cleaning this room and seeing the results of your efforts in just a few steps.

1. Remove everything that shouldn’t be in your bathroom

Discover how to order your bathroom with this guide to disinfect it thoroughly.
Discover how to create order and thoroughly disinfect your bathroom with our guide.

The first step in this guide to disinfecting your bathroom encourages you to remove everything that shouldn’t be there. Grab a bag and place any expired or unused products in there, as well as any empty containers.

Taking advantage of the fact that you’re clearing out your cabinets and drawers, use a damp cloth with a little bleach or disinfectant on it, and go about cleaning these areas. Make sure you clean all corners, shelves, doors, and handles. You should also clean the products that you’re going to keep since these will collect dust.

2. Disinfect your bathroom: cleaning your shower

Continuing with another critical part of the bathroom, we come to the shower. In this second step, we’re going to share the recipe for a homemade cleaning gel, made with vinegar and soap: mix together one part vinegar, one part soap, and two parts water.

Thoroughly mix the products and use the gel to rub down the tiles, the joints, and the corners of your shower. Let the gel act for a few minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. This will have the maximum effect on any germs.

3. Remove grime from your sink

Sinks are susceptible to accumulating grime, from both the environment and your hands. This is why it’s an important area to focus on when it comes to disinfecting your bathroom.

To remove grease and grime, use a sponge moistened with hydrogen peroxide. Pass it over each corner of the sink and the surround and let the liquid act for a few minutes before rinsing it away.

Now, if your sink is stained, make a paste of hydrogen peroxide and bicarbonate. Cover the stain with the paste, let it act, and then clean it with water and a cloth.

4. Say goodbye to limescale in the toilet

The toilet is the most important part of your bathroom it should remain immaculate in terms of cleanliness. The yellow stains that usually form are accumulated limescale and it’s easier to remove than you may think.

You need to mix (in equal parts) some baking soda and white vinegar. When you do this, it creates a foaming reaction, which is very effective in removing these types of undesirable stains. For best results, leave the mixture on the limescale for ten minutes, then scrub it with a brush and flush the toilet to rinse it away.

5. Disinfect your bathroom: shine the wall tiles

In the fifth point of our guide on how to disinfect your bathroom, we’re going to explain how to clean your wall tiles and give them an incredible shine. To clean them, impregnate a sponge with water and diluted bicarbonate, then apply the mixture to the tiles using a rubbing action.

Rinse with plenty of water, then rub them with vinegar or a window cleaning product. This will make the tiles shine and help restore them to their original color. After rubbing, leave for a few minutes, before rinsing with water.

6. Remove stains from the shower screen

Types of shower screens
In this guide on how to disinfect your bathroom, we’ve included a special trick to clean your shower screen.

Shower screens are a great way to separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom, but they’re susceptible to accumulating limescale, soap, and grime. To remove this, we recommend using a sponge moistened with warm white vinegar or with rubbing alcohol.

After rubbing with either of the two products, you should wipe the screen with a lint-free cotton cloth (that doesn’t release specks) to shine and dry.

7. Disinfect your bathroom: don’t forget your bathroom floor

To end this guide on how to thoroughly disinfect your bathroom, we’ll discuss the floor. If you have a high-pressure steam cleaner, this will be ideal for removing embedded stains, as well as dirt, germs, and bacteria.

If you don’t have one of these machines, don’t worry. Use a mixture of water, bleach, and liquid soap to scrub the floor with a stiff brush. Finish off by washing the floor with a product of your choice.