Laura González - The Designer of the Year for Maison & Objet

Laura González is a Parisian architect who has been named Maison & Objet Designer of the Year.
Laura González - The Designer of the Year for Maison & Objet

Last update: 27 June, 2020

The Parisian interior design fair Maison & Objet has named architect Laura González the “Maison & Objet Designer of the Year”. We want to help you get to know her so you can fall in love with her work as much as we have.

Who is Laura González?

A restaurant designed by Laura González.

Laura González is 37 years old. Although she was born in Paris, her mother is Spanish. She studied at the Paris-Malaquais School of Architecture. Many great designers have emerged from this school.

Maison & Objet organizers were seduced by González’s creative ability. She can mix materials and even time periods. Her style is eclectic and reflects her personality.

González’s popularity began when she had the opportunity to reform the legendary Parisian concert hall Bus Palladium. She did it in a significant way, mixing thirty-five types of wallpapers. As for furniture, she opts for brass objects and Chinese details that highlight the beauty of a room.

Firstly, her unique design perspective opened doors for her. Then, she went on to rescue forgotten architectural jewels, such as the La Lorraine brasserie, the Alcázxar restaurant, and the Relais Christine hotel.

However, that’s not all. Laura González also creates from scratch. She has created impeccable designs, such as Louboutin stores in Barcelona and Amsterdam and Cartier in Stockholm, Zurich, and London. She is also great at designing restaurants. Take a look at Lapérouse, Noto, and Manko if you don’t believe us!

What is the designer of the year’s work like?

Laura González won designer of the year in 2019.

González loves creating warm interiors. She also talks about how her style could be defined as “classic reinvented.”

The Parisian architect mixes classic pieces with a modern touch. This is her hallmark. All the prints, colors, materials, and fabrics create a unique mix and a new perspective.

In the words of Laura González herself: “I am inspired by the classic. I take artistic decoration as a base, but I add my own touch. I am a great defender of eclecticism because I love to combine different fabrics, texture, materials, colors, and time periods. Everything needs to be full of details. Spaces need to have their souls. It’s difficult to find the perfect balance between tasteful maximalism and a totally exaggerated final product. I just follow my instincts!”

A furniture line by Laura González

A beautifully designed restaurant.

However, if you thought that Laura González has done everything, you’re wrong! This architect is passionate about new projects and has several that she wanted to share with us.

She’s working on a stately home in the Vexin region of France. She wants to create a showroom there and make it “a place to live.”

González wants this to become a place for clients, artisans, cooks, and journalists to come, share, and see her work up close.

As if this wasn’t enough, she has also launched a new furniture collection. The collection features sofas, lamps, tables, and other pieces made by hand by artisans. These pieces offer quality and handmade exclusivity. One of the star pieces is an obsidian lamp.

This edition of Maison & Objet is called Work! However, the proposal was aimed at creating workspaces that felt like home.

This interior design fair always offers us a window into what the new trends will be in the coming years. It also allows us to observe great talents that are worth following closely, such as Laura González. González is an architect who truly stands out for her work and its aesthetic proposal.

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