Latest Decor Trends with Black

These days, we're seeing different trends with the color black. Black furniture and other decor elements can do a lot for your home.
Latest Decor Trends with Black

Last update: 12 January, 2019

Black is a color that goes with everything. At the same time, it transmits a hint of something that’s serious, elegant and entirely unique. Let’s take a look at some of the newest decor trends that use this color.

In the worlds of fashion and decor, black is quite easy to match with other colors. Its greatest strength is its ability to fit into any setting.

In interior design, it is is a neutral color that doesn’t really draw attention if there are other stronger colors.

However, it can offer multiple decorative possibilities. Let’s take a look at the current trends.


You’ll find black furniture in many places, both at home and in offices. But the color combination needs to be well-thought out.

Black 1

Low or high countertops and shelves can all look fantastic in this color. As can chairs.

What kind of decorative styles would this color fit well in?

  • Contemporary
  • Urban
  • Minimalist
  • Vintage

Another idea is the sofa. Using black for sofas will give your living room more personality.

If you go with this sofa, don’t use black decorative pillows. Instead, a better idea is creating some contrast with lighter colors. If you use some colors like red, gold, blue… they’ll really stand out.

Sofa examples:

Light fixtures

A light fixture, whether hanging or standing, can draw more or less attention depending on its color. But we’re not very used to seeing black ones.

Black light fixtures are actually quite subtle; they stay in the background while providing a well-suited overall decor as well.

— Eyes follow the furniture pieces with the most intense colors. — 

Some examples that you can find on the current market are the following:

  • Nymane, Ranarp y Kvart (IKEA)
  • Virginia, Pop negro (Leroy Merlin)
  • Amsti (Super Estudio)
Black 2

Black walls

It’s not just the furniture that can be black, walls can also use this color. But, you have to really know how to paint your walls without making them look too dark.

You definitely shouldn’t paint an entire room this color because it’ll be too strong, with little light.

Instead, painting just one wall black and the rest in another color (grays go perfectly with black) is a great idea.

What kind of ambiance will you create with this kind of decor? A style that’s somber, daring, and alternative. In other words, you can really add dynamism to a room.

— Colors say a lot about a person; black will show what you’re like.–

Picture frames

Paintings or photographs are just another decor element for a room. However, we sometimes choose frames that don’t match very well with our furniture.

Even though frames are small objects that can go unnoticed, they actually can completely clash with a room’s decor.

Black frames for pictures, photographs, maps, etc. help coordinate them with any kind of decor. They can fit in perfectly with wall colors.

Frame examples:

  • Ribba, Fiskbo (IKEA)
  • Dalma (El Corte Inglés)
  • Elénore (Maisons du Monde)


You can use black’s serious character in bedrooms. Combine the elegance and character of this color accordingly with the rest of the decor and wall color, with grays.

Black 3

As you can see in the picture, these kinds of bedspreads fit in perfectly with the room’s harmony, as well as the home’s.

Some relevant product names on the market are:

  • Spanst (IKEA)
  • Jacquard (Gauus)
  • Vegas (Conforama)


The color black has a place in homes. Whether it’s used in the living room, bedroom or bathroom, it can bring originality, sobriety, character, and harmony.

Its main strength is its ability to match with any setting, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

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