Keys to Decorating an Apartment Building Lobby

If your apartment building lobby looks gloomy, sad and dull, you should find an alternative and decorate it. The aim is to feel proud of the place where you live.
Keys to Decorating an Apartment Building Lobby

Last update: 11 December, 2020

First impressions always count. In the interior design world, the appearance of spaces plays a very important role. It’s from there that you carry out personalized evaluations. In this way, it’s important to know some keys to decorate your apartment building lobby.

Apartment buildings usually have a communal space where there’s an entranceway, an elevator, mailboxes, storage rooms, etc. This area is usually managed by all the tenants, so it might not have a coherent design or it may not be in good shape.

You have to keep in mind that you pass through this space every day and obviously whenever you invite guests over, they’ll also see it. For this reason, it’s important the common areas are well designed and have some aesthetic thought.

The most common mistakes that are usually made

A lounge area in a building.

One of the most common mistakes is the absence of decoration. This is because the area is functional. It seems that because it’s a communal space it should be left open, empty, and without decor items.

This idea has no basis. Basically, the possibility of achieving a certain homey feeling, which is important and provides a secluded, unique, and caring environment, is lost. You must take into account that the state of the apartment building lobby defines each of the residents.

Often, the building materials are left visible and you can see the wear and tear of the paint. It isn’t a question of remodeling, filling every corner with some item, or hiding the dirt. The goal is to create a pleasant, comfortable, and satisfying space.

The apartment building lobby is a welcoming prelude to arriving home.

Four keys to decorating an apartment building lobby

A simple apartment building lobby.

First of all, there must be a consensus among all the neighbors to decorate the apartment building lobby. Everyone must agree and, of course, there must be general participation. This is the only way to achieve a common agreement. Let’s look at 4 keys you must consider:

  1. The main objective is to make it a welcoming place that’s pleasant. To do this, you should choose neutral or white shades that are easy to combine. You can also incorporate some warm tones.
  2. The use of carpets can be a good idea as long as someone regularly cleans them. If not, you can leave the floor clear. This way, it’s easier to clean and also comfortable.
  3. The materials can remain visible. More and more people prefer to have marble on the walls and floor. However, there’s also the option of painting the walls and ceiling. In addition, it’s important to choose tones that favor the internal lighting.
  4. Search for openness. As mentioned above, don’t overwhelm the apartment building lobby with decor items. The best thing is to choose what you consider appropriate and make sure it’s arranged with a significant function.

Some items to decorate the apartment building lobby

The entrance to a building.

If you live in an apartment, think about the apartment building lobby. Do you really consider it to be well decorated? Probably not. One item that’s usually missing is a mirror. The most common are horizontal ones, large ones, and wide ones.

Generally, people use plants to decorate and provide a green and natural touch to the space. This is a good option, especially to cover empty corners or for a table to offer a more interesting aspect to the area.

More high-end buildings have items such as a couch, a table with vases and candles, sculptures, etc. They even have large chandeliers. People consider this space as a meeting place for all the neighbors.

Cleaning is essential

Without a doubt, good maintenance of the common areas is fundamental. Therefore, cleaning should be done weekly, being a basic principle to achieve a clean atmosphere and decorate the apartment building lobby in a more dignified way.

One of the mistakes neighborhoods often make is the lack of cleanliness at the entrance. Ultimately, it should be cared for as if it were your own home. Furthermore, this is the best way to feel comfortable in the place where you choose to live.


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