Keys To Decorate A Small Room

Having a small room doesn't have to be a problem. We'll prove it with the following tricks.
Keys To Decorate A Small Room

Last update: 02 January, 2021

Don’t panic. If you have a small room, you just need to find the perfect resources to make it bigger… at least visually. With some tips, you’ll make it comfy, practical, and roomy.

Take note and start working to transform your small spaces – there are many options. As you already know, size doesn’t matter and we’ll prove it to you.

The right sofa for a small room

Modular Sofa

The sofa is the central piece and its size should be proportionate to the space available. So, forget about that spectacular sofa with a chaise longue that you saw at the store. It’ll take up too much space.

Therefore, you need to measure the room  properly and consider that modular sofas are a great solution for tight spaces. Depending on your needs, you can join them or separate them.

The coffee table that you need

After choosing the right sofa, it’s time to choose the perfect coffee table for a small room. It’s a good idea if the coffee table has storage space, where you can keep and organize things, while it also serves as a decoration.

Also, there are some beautiful chests that can be used for this purpose, as well as modern tables, such as the KVISTBRO from Ikea, where you can store blankets.

Walls as key elements in small spaces

If your room isn’t large, you can use practical solutions such as the walls in your favor. 

For example, if you want a TV in the room, it’s advisable to anchor it to the wall, and in that way, you don’t have to use a TV stand.

Furthermore, you can put floating shelves on the wall to hold books. Avoid using large shelves that occupy a lot of space. Don’t forget that horizontal lines make you feel that the room is larger.

Minimalism is your best choice


The key to success is to have simple and basic things, even more so when you have a small room. You need a sofa, a chair, and a coffee table, and that’s it. As previously mentioned, you can put up shelves on the wall,  or add a floor lamp, but try not to overload the room with furniture.

Moreover, choose a decorative style that’s light and functional, where the main features are simple lines. Beauty lies in space and order.

The magic of mirrors

One of the main tricks to enlarge spaces is to use mirrorsIf you have a small room, don’t hesitate to hang one. Even better, you can install a glass wall to make the room look bigger and brighter.

Colors for a small room

Small Room sofa

As you well know, the color palette of small spaces must be neutral, with light colors. This way, the area will look more luminous and large. Earth tones work well, but also blue, pink, and pastel yellow are a good option.

If you want to add a little joy, do it through accessories. For example, cushions are ideal to add a more personal and colorful touch.

A trick that slims

In the same way that high heels slim your figure, furniture that has high legs can change the look of the room entirely .

Its advantages include better circulation of air and light within the room, as well as making cleaning the room easier.

While thinking about how to decorate a small room, don’t forget that the key is not to overload the space and keeping it as tidy as possible.

After that, there are some tricks to help you visually lighten the area, like floating shelves, furniture with high legs, and soft colors. Do you have any other secrets to make a room look bigger?