KARISMATISK - the Collaboration of Zandra Rhodes with IKEA

Have you heard of Zandra Rhodes? Don't miss her 2021 designs at IKEA.
KARISMATISK - the Collaboration of Zandra Rhodes with IKEA

Last update: 27 November, 2020

We’re going to tell you about the collaboration of Zandra Rhodes with IKEA. So prepare your “want” list.

Don’t you love it when great companies get together and offer ideas that are full of creativity? One of them that you’ve surely been waiting for with enthusiasm is KARISMATISK, the collaboration of Zandra Rhodes with IKEA that will arrive next year.

The designer fills her creations with Nordic influences through prints that the entire world loves. Keep reading and travel to the future to discover what you’ll see in stores in the fall of 2021.

What can you expect from the collaboration of Zandra Rhodes and IKEA?

Zendra looking at fabrics

Image: ikea.today

IKEA has begun to explore the way to integrate lifestyle and exciting prints from this British designer in a domestic setting. The result will be KARISMATISK, a collection of 26 unique articles full of color that will be available in stores in the fall of 2021.

To start, the Swedish store has revealed the first item which is a bag inspired by the iconic FRAKTA bag, and is a clear representation of Zandra.

This is Zandra Rhodes

Zandra Rhodes is a British designer whose motto is, “No making concessions to what is saleable, acceptable or ordinary”. Her own prints are her trademark. Moreover, she has dressed Freddie Mercury, Natalie Wood, Kate Moss, and Lady Diana, which alone converted her into an icon.

She has a flamboyant personal style. For instance, her hair is fuchsia and cut in a bob, her lips are painted red, and she wears blue eye shadow and eyeliner, extra-large pieces of jewelry, together with loud prints. Naturally, this makes her unique for an 80-year-old.

The idea for Zandra to collaborate with IKEA

The use of prints and color is an easy and viable way to make a change at home. As a result, these motifs can visually change the size of a room, influence the ambiance, give extra energy, or bring a fun touch. As a bonus, they can provide drama and space.

IKEA has wanted to get more into this idea and they haven’t found a better way than with the help of one of the most daring and creative designers. This, of course, is Zandra Rhodes, who offers 5 decades of experience in this area.

Zandra inspires the IKEA team with her prints and colors as well as her values. Because of this, they were able to convince her to join their purposeful quest for functionality.

The Swedish company’s team, together with Zandra, decided to make use of the five dimensions of the so-called democratic design. These include shape, function, quality, sustainability, and affordable price. Their point is to create expressive and functional items that are fun and have value outside of the commercial style.

Some statements

Zandra Rhodes in her designs
Image: Ikea.today

“This study gives you a better understanding of prints and color as a powerful expression of ability, personality, and local culture, as well as its profound effects on people and spaces,” said the IKEA group.

Another comment by IKEA, “It’s great to be able to go all out with prints and with colors. Zandra is incredible with this mix of wild prints and bright colors that end up transforming into something beautiful and promising.”

Oh wow, I want all of them! I’m impressed by the openness and thought-provoking way that they’ve explored the ideas and concepts in this collaboration. It’s truly a democratic work, where they gladly combine all of the ideas,” stated Paulin Machado, internal designer at IKEA.

When it comes to her part, the designer says, “The IKEA team understands perfectly the aesthetic of Zandra Rhodes. Thanks to that, the ideas pop up one after another.” The design process has been natural and authentic, which is evident in the entire collection.


The first article in the collection is the KARISMATISK bag, which is a version of the iconic blue FRAKTA bag. Just like all items of the next collection, style and functionality go hand in hand. Eighty percent recycled polyester makes up this multinational bag. It has a fun and zany design with an explosion of pink that Zandra adds with additional detail.

“The FRAKTA bag is IKEA! This bag has to be included in the KARISMATISK collection, and I was excited to be able to create my own version of one of the most famous and recognizable IKEA products”. says Zandra.

When you combine fashion design, experience, the functionality of a furniture brand, and accessories, you have a surefire successful combination.