Ideas to Decorate a Long Corridor

Knowing how to decorate a long corridor at home can be tricky. However, our ideas will help you to make the most out of this awkward space.
Ideas to Decorate a Long Corridor

Last update: 01 June, 2023

If you have a long corridor and you don’t know how to make the most out of it, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll give you some tips on how to decorate a long corridor so you can transform it into a useful and beautiful space.

Keep in mind that this space isn’t useless, rather it can be in danger of simply being underused. Keep reading to learn how to resolve this and discover how you can put your hands and creativity to work.

Ready to decorate a long corridor?

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If you have a long corridor in your home, it’s likely that this space is your hallway. It’s an awkward area and leaves us all feeling flummoxed as to how we can maximize its potential. Despite being the main entrance to the home, a long or narrow hallway often goes forgotten, and as it’s an area where we receive guests, it does deserve our attention.

We promise that after reading this article you’ll finally be able to make the most out of this space and ensure it fulfills a practical function. Each corridor is different and the decor solutions we suggest will depend on what you want to achieve. This may be encouraging more natural light, adding more storage space, or creating a focal point. Keep your goal in mind as you read through our suggestions below.

1. Practical cabinets to decorate a long corridor

If you need extra storage, this is a great option. Installing custom cabinets on one of the walls of your long corridor or hallway will allow you to make the most of the space. Ensure your cabinets don’t clash with the color of the wall as these should go unnoticed. Moreover, don’t forget to correctly measure your wall and allow enough space for people to pass and avoid hindering the passage.

2. Decorate your walls with art

The walls in your hallway or long corridor also need attention. A good way to achieve this is by creating a wall full of art. You can do this through pictures, photographs, or decorative objects. Fill your wall with the things that bring you joy and demonstrate your personality.

Another option to give more meaning to this space is your use of color. Paint your walls in a lively and cheerful color or choose an elegant and contemporary wallpaper.

3. Flooring to decorate long corridors

Rugs will bring warmth to your long corridor and will frame the path. They’re capable of giving it a new look and visually expanding its dimensions. Of course, for them to fulfill their function they must occupy the entire space. You can put one large rug or several in succession coordinated in colors and patterns.

4. Avoid the tunnel effect in a long corridor

One way to shorten your hallway or long corridor is by using an attractive element or feature at the end of it. By doing this, you’ll avoid the tunnel effect and make it more pleasant and welcoming. You can try adding a table with a mirror, a trunk, or a basket with dried flowers. What you choose will depend on the space you have and your resources.

Another alternative is to put a low and small piece of furniture against one wall. It must be light in color so that it doesn’t subtract from the visual space. Place a vase of flowers, some candles, and a lamp on top to give you ambient light.

5. Streamline your space

If you have a long and narrow corridor, making furniture fit can be tricky. A hydraulic floor is a good solution as it can match your doors and windows, giving a streamlined appearance.

6. Decorate a long corridor with moldings

Moldings are a great way to add an elegant touch to any room. If you don’t want them to overload your hallway or long hallway, make your moldings one color. Although, if you want them to stand out, use a color that contrasts with your walls. Keep in mind that a thin molding attached to the ceiling makes the ceiling appear higher.

Now you’ve read our ideas on how to decorate a long corridor, how will you decorate yours? Don’t forget, there are many more ideas on the internet too from adding a bookcase to incorporating lighting.

Always keep in mind that any space in your home is worthy of your attention. Just make sure you fill them with your special and unique personality.

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