Ideas for Painting Furniture with Chalk Paint

Among the ideas we have for you today, you'll discover color recommendations and the types of furniture that you can paint with chalk paint.
Ideas for Painting Furniture with Chalk Paint

Last update: 19 May, 2022

Today we want to share some great ideas for painting furniture with chalk paint. This is a type of paint that’s easy to use, simple to apply, and very cheap to buy.

It offers the possibility of restoring old decorative objects and furniture, giving them another purpose and another chance. Are you keen to know more? Keep reading, because we’re going to tell you everything you need to know!

What furniture can you paint with chalk paint?

Although there are different video tutorials on the internet on how to use chalk paint, it’s great to research the colors you’ll use. This way, you’ll have some references for how your furniture could look after restoration. Below, we’ll share our ideas with you.

Paint your kitchen furniture green

Use the green tone that you like the most to paint the furniture in your kitchen with chalk paint.
Use the green tone that you like the most to paint the furniture in your kitchen with chalk paint.

The color green is very fashionable and currently on-trend. Moreover, it can be used in different spaces of the home, such as the kitchen. One of our ideas is to use green chalk paint to redecorate your kitchen furniture.

This is a tone that combines well with neutral, bright, and pink tones, as well as white. But this isn’t all! You can combine it with gray for a more modern look.

Painting furniture with chalk paint: wooden cupboards and cabinets

One piece of furniture that you can paint with chalk paint is an old cupboard. Use a nautical blue hue to revitalize useful items in the kitchen, living room or dining room.

This tone is elegant and refreshing, giving a new life to any type of furniture. Equally, if you have a wooden wardrobe in your child’s bedroom, paint it in this beautiful tone, it also goes very well with white.

Outdoor furniture

If you have a set of outdoor furniture that’s starting to look worn and weathered, use chalk paint (in your preferred color) to bring it up like new.

Moreover, don’t be afraid to use this type of paint on outdoor chairs or tables. You can buy special chalk paint for each material and the store will be able to advise you further.

Looking for color ideas to paint outdoor furniture? Try mint green, lilac, or light green.

Painting furniture with chalk paint: auxiliary furniture

Auxiliary furniture is particularly useful in the home, and as a result of regular use, it easily deteriorates. When this happens, don’t even think about throwing it away! Simply choose the shade of chalk paint that best matches your current decor and restore it.

Achromatic gray (the result of black on a white base) is an interesting idea. As is chromatic gray, which is a mix of cyan, magenta, and yellow. Which one do you like the most?

Interior doors, moldings and window frames

Use chalk paint to paint frames and doors.
Use chalk paint to paint window frames and doors.

Use deep gray-colored chalk paint to paint interior doors, trims, and window frames, as long as you have a lighter, neutral background. By doing this, you’ll create an amplifying effect on your spaces, as well as give prominence to features that are usually neglected.

If you think this shade is a bit boring for your tastes, let’s go back to green. One of the trending colors for 2022, green helps to brighten any home.

Chalk paint isn’t just for furniture!

Chalk paint is so versatile that you can use it beyond furniture. Use it to transform entire rooms, which you’ll achieve by painting your walls, doors, and frames in the same tone.

Now, with this type of paint, you can also transform different elements in the same space, but not by necessarily painting everything in the same tone. Use different colors, but choose ones that combine with each other. Give new life to display units, cupboards, chairs, and tables. This includes window frames, doors, and even the ceiling.

As you can see, painting furniture with chalk paint is a creative and fun task. This paint is safe and easy to handle. So, if you like our ideas, why not put them into practice?

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