Ideal Colors for a Teenager's Bedroom

The choice of colors for teenage bedrooms depends on the tastes of each young person. There are some colors that make personality stand out and others that are more demure. Learn about five of the best colors for a teenager's bedroom.
Ideal Colors for a Teenager's Bedroom

Last update: 24 November, 2021

A teenager’s bedroom needs to be decorated in bright but discreet colors. In addition, this room must adapt to the personal tastes of the young person who uses this space. It’s common for teenagers to utilize their rooms to perform several, different tasks. The colors you choose should favor concentration, creativity, and freshness.

So, what are the ideal colors? Keep reading because we’re going to tell you all about them!

Five ideal colors for a teenager’s bedroom

Teenage bedrooms often change function depending on the occasion. They can be converted into study rooms, used as an entertainment or dining area, and they’re even the ideal place to watch movies with friends. For this reason, the furniture and the general decor must be complemented with the wall colors, the curtains, and the bedding.

1. Neutral colors for a teenager’s bedroom

Gray bedroom

Neutral colors are a good choice for young adults looking to have a calm, bright and versatile space. In this category, we can find white, which makes any space visually larger than it really is. In addition, it gives a feeling of cleanliness and neatness, which is a great advantage when it comes to teenagers! Having white walls makes it easy to add youthful details such as stickers or personalized adhesive vinyl.

In this group of neutral colors, we also find the color gray. Similar to white, it helps to generate a feeling of space, yet gives a feeling of darkness and sophistication that some young people love. It’s also elegant and you can achieve interesting effects by combining different shades.

2. Mixing black and white in a teenager’s bedroom

Black is a color that many people fear and for good reason. This color can be invasive if it’s used in the entire room, so it’s recommendable to mix it with white, to generate balance and contrast.

In fact, touches of light gray can also be used with black. The best option is to make a contrasting wall where you can add a custom design in these tones. The result will be lovely.

3. Teenage bedrooms and pastel colors

Pastel colours

Going further, but without leaving our comfort zones, we have pastel colors. These add vitality while maintaining the sobriety that many young people like. The best thing is that each teenager can choose the color they like the most and use it in its pastel form.

In fact, there can be very interesting combinations between the same color in two different tones: one pastel and another several tones above. Another combination that goes very well and generates a Nordic and modern style is the use of any pastel color with white and wood finishes.

4. Pink and purple tones for feminine teenage bedrooms

Colors such as pink and purple in their different shades are associated with femininity. Therefore, they’re ideal for young women who love these types of tones.

The darker, low-saturated rose tones are ideal for older teenagers seeking serenity, while the coral tones are more bohemian and romantic. Brighter pinks may be a bit childish, but they’re a valid option.

As for violet, this is a slightly more mature color with a lot of personality. Depending on your teenager’s taste, choose shades that are brighter or more opaque, depending on the effect you want to achieve.

5. Blues and greens for masculine teenage bedrooms

Green room

Although colors are genderless, blues and greens are related to masculinity. The blue tone in different shades adds personality to a bedroom; general tranquility and serenity. So these are ideal for teenagers who enjoy doing their tasks in the rooms.

Light tones provide lightness and spaciousness, while dark tones are more elegant. However, they can’t be abused. Green tones are ideal for young adults seeking inspiration from nature and serenity.

What colors for a teenager’s bedroom do you like the most?

We’ve shared some colors that can help you make the right choice to transform a teenage bedroom. Choose the combinations that suit your teenager’s personal style and that go well with the decorative style you already have.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match and explore new ways to help your teen feel represented in their own room.

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