How to Use Wooden Panels for Your Interior Decor

Wooden panels have become a very interesting decor item that project quality, originality, and aesthetic distinction.
How to Use Wooden Panels for Your Interior Decor

Last update: 30 July, 2020

You shouldn’t limit the decoration of walls just to paint, vinyl, or plaster, there’s also the option of wooden panels. These are an original decor item that’s been around for many centuries.

Experts consider wooden panels a focal point in the decor of any room. In no way will other ornamental items overshadow it.

The variety is wide. There are themed panels and more neutral ones. Either way, wood stands out for being a warm and detailed material where the artist can demonstrate their skills and mastery with relief techniques.

Organic wooden panels

A wooden mural.

One of the most interesting types of panels is organic ones. They offer many options and connect well with natural wood itself. This is because they’re small pieces of wood of various dimensions, the largest being predominant.

Some panels represent a tree with leaves and branches that connect to the frame of the mural. These are symbolic and are in the baroque rock garden style.

-Wooden panels will give your home a natural, original, and innovative touch-

Wall panels

A wall with big letters.

These types of murals can usually be found in big homes since they need large walls. You can also use recycled wood. Let’s look at some examples:

  • Normally, relief is the main sculptural component that can be seen on the surface of a mural. The themes are diverse: vegetation, animals, landscapes, and even mythical beasts.
  • Another interesting option is a mural with letters, to make simple words.
  • The most striking and attractive wood panels within contemporary and modern decor styles are those that are 3D. Cubic or cylindrical shapes subtly protrude outwards. Each piece consists of a different tonality to make it more dynamic.

Panels made with wooden slats

A wooden piece of art.

If you want to give a serious feel to a room and, therefore, a more formal character, a unique option is wooden slats to make murals.

What are the slats? They’re elongated rectangular planks whose dimensions can vary. In the same way, textures can be varied – both smooth and rough. Also, each can have a different hue.

This is a very interesting medium for interior decoration. Placing slats on a wall creates contrast with other parts of the room.

Teak wooden panels

A coat rack.

A widely used material in interior design is teak. You can use circular cuts together to create a stunning feature.

People use this type of wood for boats and houses. It’s resistant to atmospheric changes and has natural durability. It’s mainly harvested from regions of East Asia. In countries such as Cambodia or Vietnam, there are a large number of teak mills.

Teak’s use for home murals makes it a decor medium that’s gaining more and more popularity. A lot of furniture is made of this material.

Panels with a world map

A map bleached out of a pallet.

A world map can be made of wood to decorate an interior. This will look great in bedrooms and living rooms, as it gives the home a formal, aesthetic, and cultural feel that sets it apart from other types of murals.

The wood can even be painted to turn the world map into another color feature of the home.

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