How to Use Apples for Decoration

An apple can help you create a new aesthetic for your home. Apples give a fresh touch to any space, enriching and creating a new dynamic for your home.
How to Use Apples for Decoration

Last update: 08 October, 2020

Our lives are surrounded by symbols. Some create a simple image and others have a different meaning behind their exteriors. In this article, you’ll learn how to use apples for decoration.

When decorating home interiors, people usually use the resources that, simply and directly, help them fill these spaces. There are many things to use to create a captivating scene.

Usually, we tend to create themes in rooms by using images, objects, or elements with a recognizable shape. However, the main goal for these spaces is to make them look good and create a feeling of comfort.

Apples as decorative elements in the fall.

Why use apples for decoration?

Fruit has always been used in public places, especially in commercial and hospitality settings. However, it’s rare to see it in homes as a decorative element. Instead, people use images of landscapes, personal photographs, artistic resources, etc.

An apple has a high aesthetic value. You’ve probably never thought about what an apple can do for you, what it can tell you, and how it can contribute to your home decor. You need to stop for a moment and appreciate its decorative value.

The first thing you think of is its sweet taste and that satisfaction you feel every time you eat one. On the other hand, we associate apples with a healthy lifestyle and, likewise, how it refreshes any room, especially green apples.

Different ways to use apples for decoration

Now you see how apples can be used as decoration, let’s talk about a few tips to help you decorate your home. Here are five interesting ideas:

  1. You can use them as a sculpture. Depending on the material and level of realism, an apple can look more or less appealing. There are abstract examples or personalized transformations.
  2. Apples look great as a centerpiece. In this case, you can place several fake apples in a basket. Also, combine them with dried fruit. This way, you can simulate a realistic fruit bowl.
  3. Use a framed picture of apples. In the same way, use vinyl or wallpaper to cover a wall and get a more chic look.
  4. A popular option is aromatic candles in the shape of an apple.
  5. A mantel for your dining room can be very original, giving it an alternative look that looks chic and modern.

Patterns in the shape of an apple

Cushions are a great place to use fruit-patterned fabrics. This is a way to be dynamic. You can use silhouettes or drawings with the actual shape of the apple.

Also, it’s possible to find apples on a  couch’s upholstery or chair seat. This will make everybody focus on these pieces.

A bedspread can become the bedroom’s focal point because this is an unusual look in this part of the house.


How about drapes with apples?

Apples look great on your kitchen’s drapes. They’ll look amazing in the place where you use and store food. In the same way, shower curtains are good too, offering a different perspective to a bathroom.

In short, there are many places where using apples as decorative elements fit perfectly. It’s all about understanding the functions this look can accomplish and what kind of space you’re using.


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