How to Design an Industrial Style Bathroom

Having an industrial-style bathroom is a dream for many people. We'll explain how you can achieve it.
How to Design an Industrial Style Bathroom

Last update: 09 April, 2022

Having a unique style for every room has become an obsession and the bathroom is no exception. The industrial style is now trending, so if you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom, find inspiration in our ideas. 

The result will be a unique, elegant, and modern bathroom with an incredibly clean feeling. Keep reading and allow yourself to be motivated!

Ideas for an industrial style bathroom

The lighting of industrial bathrooms is key.
The lighting of industrial bathrooms is key.

Designing an industrial-style bathroom isn’t difficult at all, but it does require you to make some modifications. This is why we’re going to give you some ideas that’ll lead you down this path. These range from changing the color to renewing structures and accessories.

The most interesting thing you’ll notice is that the industrial style is achieved with decorative touches in concrete, exposed brick, wood, and outdoor pipes, among others. This is because its essence seeks to represent or evoke modern industry. Without further ado, here are our ideas:

The ideal colors for your industrial bathroom

The ideal color scale to use in an industrial-style bathroom should be neutral. This includes tones such as white, black, and gray in their different shades.

In turn, these colors can be combined with some cold tones such as blues or, better yet, with earth tones in their darker shades. This will contrast and breathe life into your bathroom. Moreover, it’s a great choice for people who don’t like neutral environments.

Consider changing the flooring and walls

Industrial-style bathrooms are characterized by the fact that their floors and walls are made of specific materials. It’s ideal to use concrete or exposed gray brick cladding. This gives the space a rustic, neutral, and very modern look.

These materials can be combined with wood, which gives a warm contrast. Try using it on floors or in picture frames and decorative elements.

Lighting matters

To choose the correct lighting and succeed with your industrial-style bathroom, you must choose the material very well. The most common lighting types for bathrooms in this style are those made of metals such as steel, bronze, or aluminum.

This is because they combine with the tone of the neutral walls and contribute to generating that raw style that we’re looking for. Choose ones that you can customize to your liking and install them in different points and areas in the bathroom.

Choose stylish faucets

For your industrial-style bathroom, choose cool accessories.
For your industrial-style bathroom, choose cool accessories like metal faucets.

When it comes to the general infrastructure of your bathroom, the faucets must stand out and have modern designs. It’s important to choose those that are in tune with the style you want.

There are some that have black finishes or in gray or with touches of copper that adapt very well to the industrial look. Including these elements will make the decor stand out and speak for itself.

Choose the right accessories

The most enjoyable part of redecorating your bathroom in an industrial style is choosing the accessories. You can include a table with metal legs to display the decorative objects you want, such as vases or potted plants.

You can also install floating shelves with thin black wires. On them, you can store your white towels and make them part of the decor or just put some pictures on them that evoke relaxation.

Modern bathroom furniture

As we’ve already learned, in industrial-style bathrooms everything needs to go with everything to achieve the right look. The tables and chairs will be a great complement to the gray tones of the walls and will match your decor.

Don’t forget to consider the furniture for the sink surround or for storage. Choose modern but sophisticated designs.

Don’t overload the space

Industrial designs in bathrooms (or any other space in the house) also invite you to become a minimalist and not overload the space. This style is typically identified by using few things, but enough to make it a relaxing space, elegant and very stylish.

The industrial bathroom, where space doesn’t matter

One of the most relevant things about the industrial style bathroom is that it can be achieved in any size of space. You can have a large or small bathroom, as long as you include the elements, colors, and materials that we’ve told you about, it’ll be more than enough to achieve your goal.