How to Decorate Your House to Make it a Happy Place

We want you to smile and make your home a happy one. In this article, discover how to decorate your house to make it a pleasant place!
How to Decorate Your House to Make it a Happy Place

Last update: 25 May, 2020

When you think about happiness, maybe home decor isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind. However, you should know that your home’s decoration influences your mood a lot and that many ideas and tricks will allow you to turn it into a happy place. The colors, the materials, the harmony, the styles… Do you want to make your home a happy place?

The colors of a happy home

Colors to decorate.

It’s no surprise that colors influence our emotions. Experts have written a lot about the psychology of color.

You should carefully choose the color palette you’re going to use to decorate your home. Use it not only on the walls, but also on the rest of the decorative elements, such as rugs, mirrors, cushions, sofas, and art. Warm and neutral colors transmit a sense of peace.

Nature, a basic way to make your home a happy place

Plants do work their magic in homes! They’re able to brighten any environment while cleaning and purifying. In fact, according to feng shui, they also can balance energy.

In addition to natural plants, add vases with brightly colored flowers.

Crafts are a must


Artisan details give your home its own identity, with a soul and a heart.

If you like to travel or visit towns close to the one you live in, take the opportunity to connect with local artisans, and take a piece of art home with you. Ceramic, wicker baskets, glass, wood… There are so many options that you won’t know which to choose!

Children’s bedrooms

A happy child's bedroom.

If you have children, decorating their bedrooms is an opportunity to let your imagination run wild and fill the room with fun things!

Help your children keep their bedrooms clean and tidy by giving them boxes with wheels or colored baskets. Wallpaper is also an ideal choice to make your child’s bedroom a happy place.

Another option? Decorate the walls with your child’s drawings and paintings! Use their stuffed animals and wooden toys as part of the decoration and add a colorful rug they can play on.

Add your personal touch

A DIY ladder.

DIY is incredibly popular. In addition to helping you reduce your stress levels, it’s a way to add original things you made yourself to your home.

The options are endless and will depend on your taste! They can range from photographs, vases, ceramics, recycled furniture, flower pots, a lamp made with bottles… Visit Pinterest for inspiration to make your home a happy place.

Remember the importance of lighting

Light is essential for the brain to achieve the balance the body needs. In addition to letting in natural light, it’s advisable to orient the furniture towards where light enters your house. This way, you’ll always have a smile on your face.

Memories make people happy

Photos hung on a wall.

Print the photos of your last trip or photos of dinners with friends. We’re sure they’ll make you smile every time you look at them! Positive memories boost well-being. Decorate your home with everything that reminds you of good times.

Make order your best friend

Yes, maybe you’re tired of listening to this, but tidy rooms help put your inner world in order and that gives a lot of happiness.

Go through your entire home and find a place for everything. You’ll see how good it makes you feel!

By following all of these tips, you’ll turn your home into a happy place in no time!