How to Decorate Your Fish Tank - Designs and Resources

Follow the tips below and learn how to decorate your fish tank with these original designs to create the perfect habitat for your fish.
How to Decorate Your Fish Tank - Designs and Resources

Last update: 28 January, 2021

The fish tank is a natural resource that brings life and freshness to any room in the house. At the same time, it’s a great hobby in which you’ll need to apply all your imagination to create unique scenarios. In this article, we’ll show you how to decorate your fish tank or aquarium, along with all the different designs and resources.

Personalizing your fish tank is a really interesting decorative process. However, people can go to two extremes – using too few decorative elements or, on the contrary, totally saturating the tank.

Decorating a fish tank is a very important factor for two reasons. Firstly, to create an attractive element to give a sensation of calm and peace. And, secondly, decorating the tank creates a much more pleasant environment for your fish.

Artificial or natural decorative elements?

A fish bowl.

There’s a wide variety of items that you can incorporate into your fish tank, from classic natural elements to fantasy decorations. The latter is the most colorful and cheerful, but they have some disadvantages that make them unsuitable for use:

  • They don’t recreate the natural environment of the fish, and just take away their swimming space.
  • Sometimes, if they’re poor quality, they can fall apart in the water, damaging the health of the fish.
  • Excessive decorations can be a hindrance when cleaning your fish tank.

On the other hand, we have natural elements. These are the most suitable for decorating your fish tank or aquarium, as they perfectly recreate the natural habitat of your fish.

Within natural decoration, we can distinguish between two varieties: inert elements and living elements. The first ones are gravel, rocks, wood, etc.; and the second type is natural plants and the different fish species you choose.

How to decorate your fish tank – the base

A fish tank.

When it comes to decorating your fish tank or aquarium you’ll need to start from the bottom up. So, the first step is to design the base of the tank. This is where the most decorative items will be, and so you need to treat this part with special care.

Depending on the type of fish you have, you can either recreate the bottom of a river or a sea bed. Fortunately, in pet shops, you should be able to find elements of both types. Specifically, you’ll be working with three types of materials:

  • Gravel is the most popular resource when it comes to decorating an aquarium. There is a great variety, from natural gravel to brightly colored pebbles. However, we recommend the use of natural gravel.
  • Aquarium sand is one of the best formulas for imitating a more natural aquarium bottom. Like gravel, different varieties are depending on the environment you want to achieve. The only drawback we find with this product is the difficulty in cleaning it. This problem can be solved with a good tank filter.
  • Finally, there are the substrates. This material is basically for natural plants inside your fish tank. Its choice will depend on the type of plants you’re going to choose.

Fish tank plants – artificial or natural?

Fish tank plants.

Aquarium plants give life and color. They remind us of exotic marine worlds or the bottom of a deep river.

They offer a place to explore and a refuge for young fish so that they can be hidden from the larger ones. There are two types of plants for an aquarium – natural and artificial (which can be plastic, silk, or other materials).

Natural plants are the best choice for every ecosystem. They help the fish to feel more comfortable. On the other hand, artificial plants are less expensive than live plants and visually look almost the same. They even come in unusual, bright colors that can bring your aquarium to life. A bonus is that they need less maintenance.

Recreate a pleasant habitat for your fish with natural decorative elements.

How to decorate your fish tank – inert elements

An aquarium.

To finish the decoration of your fish tank, you can incorporate other interesting decorative elements and adornments that make the fish tank look unique and very attractive.

One way to recreate the bottom of a river is to incorporate a few aquatic leaves. In this way, your river fish will feel at home and you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful river landscape. You can also use other elements, such as rocks or wooden branches.

Finally, don’t forget about some beautiful shells. You can get them from your trips to the beach or buy them in specialized shops.