How to Decorate Your Bedroom According to Your Zodiac Sign

In this article, we'll present some recommendations that'll be very useful for decorating your bedroom according to your zodiac sign. Let yourself get carried away by your personality!
How to Decorate Your Bedroom According to Your Zodiac Sign

Last update: 08 September, 2021

According to astrology, zodiac signs influence many aspects of our lives, including the way we organize and decorate our bedrooms. This isn’t so surprising, considering that our sign also influences our personality, tastes, behaviors and beliefs. So why not decorate your bedroom according to your zodiac sign?

Well, these preferences, (marked by the date we were born), should also be reflected in our home decor. The key is to discover your tastes and contemplate those elements and objects that make you feel comfortable and 100 percent at ease.

If you’ve never contemplated decorating your bedroom based on your zodiac sign, go easy. Although, with these tips, you’ll learn to shape your personality in your most intimate and private space.

How to decorate your bedroom according to your zodiac sign?

Decorating your bedroom according to your zodiac sign is very simple, because your personality will dictate what things you feel comfortable with. Do the test! Enter a decor store and let your instinct tell you what items make you feel comfortable and what items make you uncomfortable.

If you still have doubts, identify your zodiac sign in this article. You’ll find affinity with the description of the decor proposed. This means you’ll have a clear idea of how to decorate your bedroom, including colors and furniture.

How to decorate if you’re an Aries

Bedroom in red tones.

Aries are energetic and adventurous people and that’s what your bedroom should reflect. The ideal for this zodiac sign is to have a modern environment, but with a traditional decorative touch.

If this is your sign, yours should be a spacious bedroom where the sun’s rays reach every corner–that’s why you love large windows.

Being a fire sign, the colors that’ll make you at ease are reds and earth tones. To make these stand out even more, combine with photographic paintings.

Decorate your bedroom according to your zodiac sign: Taurus

Taurus people are characterized by being confident, practical, and determined. This greatly influences decision-making, including the decor of the bedroom.

For this sign, the main thing is that their bedroom is very comfortable, so neutral colors (such as white) will work well. These tones generate peace and tranquility.

Most Taurus signs prefer a minimalist style, and this is because they decorate their homes in the same style as the clothing they wear. Of course, while still remaining elegant and serene.

How to decorate if you’re a Gemini

Bedroom in blue and yellow tones.

Geminis are overflowing with creativity and have a constant harmony in their life. They like to feel noticed, as well as exploring new things. Therefore, its colors are striking–with pastel blues and yellows being a great option.

Your bedroom, (in terms of size), should be spacious and have decorative objects with meaning. So personalize this space a lot with family photos, posters, and paintings that make you feel happy. If you paint, don’t be afraid to expose your works.

Cancer: how to decorate if this is your sign

The bedrooms of people with the Cancer zodiac sign are distinguished by being comfortable and very quiet spaces. There’s no predominant color, but it’s suggested that blue tones should be used, as they convey serenity–something that this sign loves.

Neutral colors such as white are also ideal, so you could combine them. The reason? They convey a sense of organization and cleanliness that Cancerians love. This ideal style is vintage, which combines classic with modern and uses mirrors and decorative elements that bring out your emotions.

Decorate your bedroom according to your zodiac sign: Leo

Leo is one of the signs with the most daring and notable tastes and the spaces occupied by Leos are glamorous and luxurious. Your bed is striking and ideally large. It’s a sign that loves upholstered furniture, as they attract attention which the lions of the zodiac love.

Not to mention the colors! Leos love strong, striking and vibrant tones, (not necessarily just on the walls), Leos also love elegance. Leos prefer to stand out through bedding, curtains, and decorations. In addition, mirrors are a must in your bedroom if you’re a Leo.

How to decorate your bedroom if you’re Virgo

Decorate the bedroom virgo sign.

Virgo prefers to have their bedroom organized, clean, and create a space where everything is in its place. This sign is characterized by being very simple, meticulous and calm. For this reason, the colors that should predominate in the bedroom are those that strengthen and transmit these sensations–among them, light tones.

Sometimes they like to turn to nature to spice up their bedroom. Virgos would enjoy a floral-print blanket or have a houseplant on their desk.

To manage your organization, use shelves and tables that allow you to have, store and display everything in order.

How to decorate if you’re a Libra

People of this sign like harmony in both their decor and their lives. That everything matches, that everything looks cute and stylish. It’s a very balanced sign that seeks a quiet space, but without leaving aside those objects that provide elegance.

In general, your bed and furniture are white and other objects are colored. In this way they achieve a perfect chromatic balance.

Decorate your Scorpio bedroom

The Scorpio sign is very vibrant. Scorpios are characterized by being risky, passionate and with a special spark of energy in their life. This should be reflected in your bedroom, so the walls should be in orange tones, so that everything stands out.

It’s also suggested that Scorpios should decorate their bedrooms with pendant lamps, and long and abundant curtains. Also, use bedside tables or desks with unusual designs that are original and represent you in every way.

How to decorate if you’re a Sagittarius

Sagittarius bedrooms are very cozy. Being sociable and charismatic people, those of that zodiac sign tend to prefer a visually pleasing bedroom for everyone. Its space makes trusted guests feel comfortable and at home.

Don’t be afraid to play with colors and textures in rugs and furniture. Don’t forget to hang a casual mirror to give spaciousness to the room–just as you like.

Decorate your bedroom according to your zodiac sign: Capricorn

Capricorn is a sign that has its own stamp.

This sign doesn’t care about following the fashions or trends of the moment with respect to decoration. Capricorns stand out for being simple and practical, so you can choose a neutral tone as the predominant one in the room. This means that you can combine it with another color that you consider enlivens your personality.

Combine iron and wooden objects, as in the industrial style. Give it your touch, because that’s what you like the most–to impose your own style.

How to decorate if you’re an Aquarius

We know that if you’re an Aquarius sign you love to innovate! That’s why your bedroom, (like all of your spaces), must be original. Give yourself the luxury of combining colors such as grays and whites, as they add a lot of style to the decoration of your walls. Complement with paintings, photographs and a beautiful mirror.

Make sure your bedroom has a large window and elegant or classic curtains. Your personal space will be perfect and you already know that it corresponds to everything you like.

This is how you should decorate your bedroom if you’re a Pisces

Pisces is a sign that mixes creativity with the modern, and the reserved. Undoubtedly, a combination that can be taken advantage of in decorative terms.

Pisces are people who like to have a personal space with their own stamp. They like to impose bright colors and those that stand out in their bedrooms. Combine elegance with casual, between small furniture and vibrant upholstery. The palette is wide!