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How to Choose a Heating System

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Heating is essential to keep you comfortable, without making your house feel too cold or too hot. You can achieve that by choosing the heating system best suited for your home.
How to Choose a Heating System
Last update: 08 May, 2019

Heat is the home’s main ally in the winter. It’s essential to have control of the heat inside. That’s why it’s necessary to choose the right heating system that best fits each user.

Not all homes are the same. So, when you’re choosing your heating system, you may have some questions such as, which one is best for my home? Which one regulates and distributes heat better? What types are there?

The decision you make depends on the surface where it will be, the number of people that live in the home, the type of orientation, the insulation, etc.

Below are different types of heating that people can choose from.

Gas heating

Gas is the perfect heating system because it’s clean, efficient and is guaranteed in the future. More and more households have this. New homes are being built with gas supplies and radiators for equal distribution.

You can also use gas fireplaces because they function the same way. They are becoming more commonly used, especially in large houses.

Natural gas is used in cities. It’s common to find buildings with natural gas. However, it’s more complicated in small towns and rural areas.

Propane gas is the most suitable option for smaller homes. It has more power than natural gas, but it’s also more dangerous. It can be stored in tanks and can heat large houses. It’s very popular in mountainous areas.

Diesel C is another option. It’s a fuel that’s more powerful than natural gas, but it also carries more risks.

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Electric heating

This is another very common heating system in homes. It’s very easy to install and can make your home very comfortable. This system converts electricity to heat.

It also doesn’t pollute. It requires an advanced electrical system that will support the house’s functions.

There are some devices that you can move around the house while others are fixed in place.

You should always look at the options that are the most economical and the most efficient. When it comes to electric heating, it’s very efficient but also very expensive.

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Thermoelectric power

This type of energy requires a greater investment than the previous ones, and it requires electricity. It’s a fairly complex system, but it’s extremely effective.

Thermoelectric heating is interesting because it’s complex and innovative. The heat is transmitted through the system by a special oil that’s heated by the transmission of electrical energy in steel.

Each radiator has a thermostat and they’re all independent. So, the rooms that don’t need heat, can be turned off. This results in surprisingly high savings in energy. However, using all of the radiators can increase costs.

Interestingly, once you turn the radiators off, they continue to emit heat for a while.

Heated floors

Radiator heating is very common. However, energy efficiency is very different when it comes to a floor heating system.

Although it may sound strange, the Romans used this heating system. And was used in rural environments, even in twentieth-century Spain. They called it “glory” and it generated heat through the soil, that was always hot.

The current use of “glory” is different than the historical system. Households have pipes that circulate hot water and distribute it throughout the home. This radiates the heat throughout the house and spreads it upwards.

With this system, you won’t lose as much heat as you would with a wall radiator. So, it saves energy, it’s not very expensive to maintain, it doesn’t pollute and it makes the environment comfortable for those who live there.

The only drawback is that the installation process is expensive. It requires a level of infrastructure that, in the long run, is profitable. This is due to the energy savings and the efficiency of the system.

The comfort it provides is much different than other types of heating. Choosing heated floors is an investment that will make your life easier, especially if you have young children.

Nowadays there’s a great variety of radiators. There are no longer just the old and classic ones. You can find any model or shape on the market. You can even design it yourself according to your tastes and needs.

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