How to Build a Miniature Golf Course in Your Garden!

When it comes to making a miniature golf course in your garden, it's a matter of imagination. Keep reading to learn more!
How to Build a Miniature Golf Course in Your Garden!

Last update: 05 October, 2021

Who said that to enjoy leisure time we have to leave the house? There are different possibilities to achieve disconnection and personal rest. Therefore, we’re going to learn how to build a miniature golf course in your garden.

The exteriors of your home can be worked from different aspects. From a decorative point of view, various styles can be applied but, these spaces can also be used for recreation and fun.

Instead of wasting areas such as your garden or yard, why not use them for a sporting activity that can be practiced by the whole family? It’s a way to spend time together and for your little ones to have accessible entertainment on a daily basis.

Play miniature golf in your garden: finding the perfect space

miniature golf in your garden

Photo: courtesy of FANCY

First of all, we have to find an appropriate space. It’s not a matter of arranging your miniature golf just anywhere! You’ll need a certain amount of space to be able to execute the movements correctly and, obviously, ensure that you feel comfortable.

Another possibility is that you adapt your miniature golf course to the space you have. If this consists of just a few square meters then you can make a designated area. On the other hand, if your garden is large, then you can create different circuits.

The most important thing is that every time you use it, you’re at ease. It’ll be pointless to feel uncomfortable, especially as this is an activity for personal enjoyment.

How to make a miniature golf course in your garden

Make a miniature golf course in your garden

There are two formulas to make this happen. The first is the simplest procedure–a removable miniature golf course. The second involves constructing circuits and holes in the land itself. Let’s look at these in more detail:

      • On the internet, you can buy artificial golf lawns with holes included. They simulate grass and are very easy to use, in fact, they can also be set indoors. In this way, you will have a flexible and portable miniature golf resource.
      • If you want a more permanent option, you can design your own miniature golf course by creating holes in different parts of your lawn. However, it’s important that your lawn is short, neat, and tidy.
      • In the event that you don’t have a lawn, you can lay artificial grass and use this as the basic platform for the game. It can be securely fixed on the ground, but it’s important that it doesn’t have undulations or stones in between the lawn and the ground.
      • The most important thing is that the areas where you address (or hit) the ball are established. The contours and route of play must be clear.

Miniature golf course: hard surface

Asides from making a miniature golf course in a traditional lawn format, there’s also the option of making a hard surface miniature golf course, made with cement. Although, be aware that the ground won’t be as cushioned as it is with a lawn.

At the same time, this also offers the possibility of painting the surface and giving it a more realistic, lawn-like appearance. The most important thing is that the layout and course are well-planned.

Is it expensive to make a miniature golf course in your garden?

One of the questions you’re likely to ask is if creating a miniature golf course in your garden is expensive. The answer is that it can carry a very high price, but it’ll depend on the type of course you choose. For example, if you dedicate your entire garden for this purpose (or a very large area), then the required infrastructure could be costly.

However, you do have other, cheaper options. Some of these can even be purchased online, including artificial lawn and golfing carpets. If you create it yourself, the cost will just involve the required material.

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