How Can You Create Decor For a Happy House?

Here are some keys to creating decor for a happy house. Because your house wants to smile and to see you smile too.
How Can You Create Decor For a Happy House?

Last update: 09 January, 2020

We all want to be happy. One important aspect to achieving happiness is feeling comfortable and inspired in the place where you spend the most time. This place is also a reflection of your internal state. What is it? The home. Here are some simple ideas to help you to create decor for a happy house.


Start at the beginning

Happy House

To have a happier house, you need to be able to enter the house through a door that makes you feel at peace and in harmony with your environment. In Feng Shui, the door at the entrance of the house is fundamental. It’s the ‘mouth of the Chi’, and just as it protects you from the outside world, it should also only allow positive energy to enter the home.

Think about items that make you feel welcome. Some ideas to use in the decor in your entrance might be photos of family or friends, other items that bring you happy memories, and flowers. Flowers are essential since they appeal to several of the senses at once.

Everything in its place in decor for a happy house

Keep your home neat and tidy

Perhaps the most important thing is organization. If your home is in order, your thoughts and ideas can be too. Of course, that’s even without counting the time that you’ll save looking for things you need through the chaos.

Try getting rid of things you don’t need anymore – give away, donate or recycle. You may also come across objects that although you don’t need them, you could give them a second life as unique recycled decor items.

Let there be light

A living room with lots of natural light

Illumination is one of the keys to creating decor for a happy house. Light is an important aspect of creating peaceful rooms, as it generates a sense of spaciousness and a feeling of contentment.

It’s even better if you can use natural light rather than electric lighting. It’s scientifically proven that sunlight makes us happier, so get to it – pull back those curtains!

Happy house decor – include a peaceful corner

A quiet corner is an important aspect of a happy house

Having a peaceful spot in the house where you can meditate, relax and listen to music, or even just read a good novel is essential. Sometimes, you really need a den or hideout in your home, that you can go to to get away from it all and connect with your inner self.

Fill your reading corner with pictures that will contribute to your positive energy. You can also add reminders of unforgettable moments that will help you to keep what’s really important in your life in perspective. Create a kind of personal shrine.

Living nature

Indoor plants are a crucial part of the decor in a happy house

While you might not be able to live in the midst of the countryside, you can bring nature into your home. Indoor plants are a delight. They add life to a place that’s filled with lifeless objects. Plants help to create a happy atmosphere in the home.

Did you know that NASA has a list of the best plants to purify the air? High on the list are peace lilies and bamboo palms, among others.

Create bonds with your neighbors for a happy house

Good friendships with your neighbors contributes to a happy house

Having good relationships with the people that live near you is another key to happiness in the home. It’s important to feel safe and in good company in the environment where you live. Getting to know your neighbors, being able to have a good chat over a cup of coffee with them is an aid to achieving happiness.

What are some of the benefits of getting to know your neighbors? One advantage is you’ll know you can count on them to grab that package for you when you’re out. You’ll also be able to enjoy a cup of coffee with friends when you need to, which is invaluable.

We are social beings, and receiving a friendly ‘good morning’ as you’re going out can make all the difference to your day.

In the arms of Morpheus

Keep your bedroom quiet and peaceful for a good night's sleep

Remember that your home is also your resting place, and to have a happy house you need to be able to sleep well. The bedroom should be a temple of peace. Therefore, it’s advisable to sleep in a room that receives plenty of ventilation.

If possible, leave your bedroom free of as many items as you can, and just have the essentials for sleep. Above all, keep it clear of cables, TV screens, batteries, cell phones, and computers.

LED light bulbs don’t emit UV light and are also excellent for saving energy. These would be the best option for a bedside lamp. If you set your home and bedroom up to be the ideal resting place, it will be a happier house.

OK, now you’re ready. Breathe and smile – your decor is set up for a happy house and you’ll notice the effects in many areas of your life. Guaranteed!

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