Hidden Radiators: 3 Ways To Hide Your Radiator

To hide your home's radiators and beautify the space, use these tips .
Hidden Radiators: 3 Ways To Hide Your Radiator

Last update: 25 December, 2018

Radiators provide your home with heat so you can be comfortable. However, in the summer, they aren’t necessary and are still fixed to your walls. This can affect your home’s aesthetics. We’ll give you 3 ways to create hidden radiators in your home.

Radiators, as a rule, aren’t very pleasing to the eye. Nowadays there are a variety of types and formats, which help prevent affecting the aesthetics of your space.

However, if you have traditional radiators and want to hide them to improve your decor, here are some ways that can be useful and unique ways to create hidden radiators.

Hidden radiators can improve aesthetics

Hidden radiators are easy ways to improve your home's aesthetics.

Although you can’t always conceal certain functional elements, when you can, it prevents them from affecting your decor. Consider your blinds, cables, plugs, power strips, etc. We generally like to keep them out of view and therefore out of our decor.

However, we aren’t always able to hide these. This is especially true when it comes to radiators.

To create hidden radiators, you need to combine both decor with functionality. You need to pick materials that allow them to continue to emit heat efficiently while making them beautiful.

-Decoration isn’t incompatible with functionality.-

Type 1: The radiator cover

Hidden radiators need to be both functional and beautiful.

This is a good option since it has some interesting features that can add to your home. In addition, there are many types that adapt to your needs. On certain websites, they are easy to get. Here are some pros:

  • It seems like furniture that just has an internal space for the radiator. Also, you can find one that fits aesthetically with your decor nor take up too much space.
  • They’re portable, meaning they can be removed without a problem. They’re mobile and don’t weigh much.
  • They have an outside cover that hides the radiator but has slots or holes that allow the heat to come out. This way, it allows the hidden radiator to work effectively.
  • These covers have an upper shelf that you can use as a display for different accessories.
  • The most common types of covers are made of wood. However, they do have options in metal.
  • The styles of these covers can be from rustic to minimalist with simple lines. There is a great variety on the market.

Type 2: The console

This is a very different option from the cover. One reason is that it may leave the radiator visible. Typically, this looks like a table or furniture that goes on top of the radiator, while leaving the radiator below unobstructed. In the end, it’s hiding it but not concealing it. It’s another option of working it into the decoration. What does this option have to offer?

  • You can have these specially made to fit your radiator. Therefore, it’s important to take the appropriate measurements.
  • Heat radiates directly without anything in between that could it.
  • It’s transportable and light. It doesn’t take up too much space and doesn’t make a big impact on your decor. In other words, it can go fairly unnoticed.
  • Total integration: Because this is just a piece of furniture, you can get one that perfectly matches the rest of your decoration.
  • It also acts as a shelf or table to place decorative elements.

Type 3: Furniture to hide it

Hidden radiators can add to your decor.

The third option is getting a piece of furniture that perfectly hides the radiator. This is similar to a radiator cover, but with a few differences:

  • The structure can be made up two parts: one that rests on the ground and actually covers the radiator and, on the other hand, the furniture or shelf that is above and attached to the wall.
  • Another possibility is a glass showcase or cabinet. This way your eye will be drawn up to the decorative elements and away from the radiator cover.
  • The heat doesn’t come out directly but through slats. This allows for the hidden radiator to still function.
  • There’s no worry about losing heat, as they are created to allow for the heat to come out unhindered.

-A piece of furniture fulfills a double functions: to hide and make beautiful.-