Green and Gold: Class, Style and Elegance

You can combine green and gold in a pleasant, subtle, and refined way to create a different image for your home.
Green and Gold: Class, Style and Elegance

Last update: 07 January, 2021

The colors you use to decorate your home should reflect your personal and professional style; you can follow a series of rational parameters, and avoid choosing randomly. That’s why we’re going to look at the relationship between green and gold: class, style and elegance.

Sometimes, we choose shades that are not striking, and opt for neutral tones; however, there are a lot of options to decorate interiors in a more dynamic and sophisticated way.

The main aim is to create is a fluid relationship between the decorative elements you use, whether formal or aesthetic. You want to create a coherent dialogue with which to establish a sense of stability and sensitivity.

Two opposite but close colors

You must take into account that, when you look carefully at both colors, they are the complete opposite of each other. They are not similar nor do they come close on the color wheel; however, this doesn’t mean that they can’t work together.

Green is related to hope and trust, as well as generating a sense of calm, nature, and temperance. As for gold, it’s related to fortune, opulence, elegance, and distinction. These are sensations extracted from the ways we see colors.

Although they’re not close, they can create certain contrasts that are interesting on a decorative level. As mentioned above, the achievement of chromatic harmony is the final goal.

Both colors combine well to achieve a striking decoration.

Ways to combine green and gold

How can you combine them indoors? You have to take into account the specific aspects of each one and their qualities since they have a lot to say according to the meaning you want to project.

  • A particular case is lamps. The lampshade itself can be olive green or gray on the outside, while inside the gold fits well, both for contrast and for the brightness and reflections it produces.
  • Neither should be overdone. Aesthetic overwhelming can unbalance things and cause a feeling of stress. This isn’t the result you want, but quite the opposite. Each color offers a different meaning.
  • In a living room, the sofa plays a very important role. If you dress it in intense and dark green, it will need other tones around it that are lighter. For instance, golden objects that attract attention and look unique would look good.
  • A feature in gold on a dark green background, such as on a wall or on a carpet, allows you to create a sense of striking splendor for the object in question and gives it prominence.
  • Fabrics with gold studs provide a feeling of luxury which can be seen, for example, in cushions.
the relationship between green and gold

Using green and gold in the bathroom

Instead of repeating cliched styles for the bathroom, why not innovate and look for another alternative that is interesting and goes beyond the pre-established norm? Bathrooms decorated in these shades are sumptuous and striking.

Green can be used for walls and gold for the taps, the mirror frame, a lamp, or any other element in the room.

The idea is to establish a visual relationship between both and achieve a current, classic style. White can also be added if it suits the style of your bathroom.

A way to be different by working exclusively with colors.

Decoration for an elegant meal

You can achieve elegance in different ways. You have to focus on a single goal – to convey a sense of finesse and elegance at the table, which is appropriate for a special dinner or any Christmas celebration.

Use green for the tablecloth, while you can turn to golden hues for the cutlery, centerpieces, candlesticks, etc., and you can even use it for the look of the table. Therefore, a sumptuous and subtle setting can be achieved.

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