Get More Likes With an Influencer Terrace

If you have a terrace and you want to show it off on social networks like an influencer, we'll tell you how to achieve it.
Get More Likes With an Influencer Terrace

Last update: 25 October, 2022

Do you want to have an influencer terrace? We’ll show you how! Follow our advice and in no time, you’ll have a social feed just like an influencer that steals everyone’s attention.

Use your outdoor space by decorating it well and take the opportunity to upload incredible photos to your social networks. Start becoming an influencer by sharing memorable moments on your terrace and make this the must-see space for everyone who visits your profile.

Influencer tips to decorate your terrace

We’ve given ourselves the task of reviewing a few popular profiles and identifying certain elements depicted on terraces that promote influencers’ social networks. We’re going to share them with you below. Read on to discover what they are!

Give rugs a try.
As you can see on social networks, even terrace flooring is a popular topic for influencers to show off.

Think about your terrace floor and choose a good material

Being an outdoor space, your terrace floor must be resistant and robust enough to withstand constant climate changes. You can choose from materials such as grass, wood, and ceramic tiles, among others. These are the most common types of flooring on the terraces of various influencers.

Your choice will depend a lot on the decorative style you want to give to the entire space. The best thing is that it’s an extension of the style that exists in the interior of your home, with the pertinent variations. However, you can also check the social networks of content generators to get your own ideas and inspiration on how to enhance this space.

It’s not about copying what you see, just use the images to get an idea for your own inspiration. This is because the most important thing that’ll guarantee likes is putting your unique and personal stamp on it.

Choose your furniture well

Something that draws a lot of attention to the terraces of famous content generators is that they have beautiful and functional furniture on their terraces. Don’t leave this space empty, because it’s a real decorative opportunity.

When choosing furniture for this area, the materials are really important. They must be both beautiful and weather-resistant. We recommend aluminum since it’s not heavy and it’s very durable.

Plants: the perfect touch for an influencer terrace

Without a doubt, the best way to decorate a terrace is with plants in different colors and shapes. The main advantage is that they harmonize everything, in addition to providing a sensation of well-being, peace, and tranquility.

Your influencer terrace can’t be without them! Just imagine the photographs full of green and the radiant color of flowers. Without a doubt, you’ll enjoy plenty of likes. It’s almost as if nature will do the job for you!

Of course, remember to continuously maintain and care for your plants to guarantee that they look spectacular at all times.

Don’t forget your lighting

Polycarbonate panels, what are they for?
Lighting on terraces is essential and there are different ways to include it.

Light is the most important factor on an influencer terrace. Although natural lighting will suffice when you’re enjoying the space, you’ll need to create contrasts for perfect photographs.

You can achieve this in different ways: LED strips, garlands, bulbs of different sizes, and external lamps, among others. We recommend that you use yellow lights since natural light is brilliant white and rather dazzling. Yellow lighting creates an interesting contrast in photographs.

Other important details

Just as the plants and flowers are important, the other details are fundamental basics too. They’ll help you get followers and likes. You can include some stunning outdoor cushions, candles, and paintings. Without forgetting to maintain balance and not overwhelm the space.

Remember, everything must be harmonized and in many cases, less is more. Especially in spaces exposed to the weather where items can easily become damaged.

Ready to have an influencer terrace?

We’ve shared some simple but very efficient tips to achieve the influencer terrace that you want to recreate. Remember to add personal touches, in the form of the things that mean a lot to you and that you want to share with your followers.

Take advantage of sunny days and clear nights to take the perfect photos and make spontaneous posts to include your pets. Above all, remember, nowadays, social networks reward genuine and original posts.

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