Gaucho Style Decor - From La Pampa To Your Home

The Argentinian gaucho style and its popular European influences are making their way into our homes in the form of natural materials and warm earth tones. Are you ready to try it out in your home?
Gaucho Style Decor - From La Pampa To Your Home

Last update: 11 February, 2020

Inspired by the lowlands of La Pampa, the gaucho style is making waves in our homes, as well as on the catwalk. With rustic furniture, natural fibers, earth tones, and warm, elegant fabrics, we’ve fallen in love with the gaucho style.

The keys to gaucho style decor

The rich wildlife and colorful landscapes of Argentina are the main sources of inspiration behind this rustic style. Steeped in tradition and full of quality raw materials, gaucho-style decor is all about bringing the natural world into your home. It centers around a profound respect for the environment and using eco-friendly, sustainable materials.

Another notable characteristic of this South American style is the large windows, designed to let plenty of natural light shine in. 


Rustic kitchen decor.

The main materials used in gaucho style decor are stone (predominantly used in construction), wood (normally used for furniture), and soft wool fabrics that promote a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

As for the type of wood, designers normally choose cherry or ornamental trees such as mahogany or cedar, which give rooms a formal, regal air.


The gaucho style color palette.

The gaucho color palette is simple and classical. This South American look favors somber, neutral colors, and uses chiaroscuro to create a sense of contrast.

Natural earth tones feature heavily on floors and walls, while blue and gray accessories are often dotted around the room. However, white will always be the undisputed star of gaucho decor. When combined with black, it forms a winning combination for any home.

A vintage wooden dresser.

Designers in La Pampa are experts in all things classical. They can deftly reinterpret iconic, vintage pieces of furniture to give them a modern twist.

They’re also able to combine a sense of antiquity with a more rustic aesthetic, resulting in an  unmistakable, eclectic style. 

Canchero details

Rustic furniture.

This balance between classical and rustic, wood and steel, modern and vintage, is known as canchero. And no one does it quite like the Argentinians. Today, they create wide, diaphanous spaces, combined with vintage detailing, earth tones, and plenty of wood furniture.

The influence of the gaucho style

A vintage mirror.

The gaucho style has a rich cultural history, taking inspiration from many European countries. This includes the Baroque style, typical of the La Plata River region, or the Germanic influences so common in the south.

All this is combined with a mixture of antique decorations, vintage furniture, and modern twists, in a wonderful fusion of culture and history.

Key aspects

The gaucho style features plenty of natural fibers.

As we mentioned right at the beginning of this article, the vast plains of La Pampa are another important source of inspiration behind the gaucho style. This means black and white animal furs, handmade clay or raffia palm decorations, decorative horseshoes, and wooden furniture.

Incorporate plenty of wool cushions complete with their traditional tassel fringing, choosing colors such as beige, ocher, and blue. In the warm summer months, you can swop wool for lighter cotton fabrics.

Natural details also play an important role in the gaucho style, so don’t forget to fill your home with plants like large ficus and palm trees. Cacti are essential, and so typical of the style.

If you’re a fan of the Boho look, natural materials, and sustainable decor, this is the style for you. Bring the gaucho style into your home, and bring your decor to life.

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